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Pets of fate versus losers
Pets of fate versus losers

Why are some people lucky and they succeed, while others have an unhappy fate? How to go from the camp of losers to the camp of the lucky ones and become the favorite of fate?

Sometimes you wonder about luck, fate and luck. Some people are so lucky that you start to envy them. How so? Why are you worse and why is it all for some and nothing for others? It's not a matter of luck or a universal conspiracy.

Take the legendary Henry Ford as an example. He is an American industrialist, inventor and owner of automobile factories. But was he so lucky? Industrialist Henry Ford had to face many difficulties with his life. He started from scratch, went broke 6 times, but got back on his feet each time.

Thomas Edison performed 10 thousand unsuccessful experiments in order to improve the incandescent light bulb. Just imagine these numbers.

Are they losers or favorites of fate? Maybe they were lucky?

Pets of fate versus losers

1. Fortitude of Lucky People

“I strongly believe in luck. And I noticed: the more I work, the luckier I am. "Thomas Jefferson

Most people are not strong enough to keep moving forward. Unlucky people are not people who are disliked by God or cursed from birth. Unlucky people lose hope and give up before they find the right opportunity. Unlucky people are used to backing down and giving up rather than standing their ground.

Why does nothing work in life and how to change it?
Why does nothing work in life and how to change it?

The keys to success in this life are trying, patience, and looking for opportunities until you find a way out. Are you successful or unlucky? It's all about the number of attempts.

Pets of fate versus losers
Pets of fate versus losers

2. Ability to take a chance

Most people are not ready to take this opportunity. They miss opportunities, flap their ears and wait too long. We are given 100 opportunities every day. You can take courses, start learning a language, try to change jobs, find a girlfriend. Or you can do nothing and wait until everything floats into your hands. But how long will it take? The lucky ones take the chance and don't sit on the stove. Unlucky people only dream.

Many are accustomed to pushing all the blame on fate and bad luck. But maybe the fact is that you are lazy, incompetent, give up ahead of time and do not try to take advantage of the situation? Maybe you need to act, and not sit and whine? The easiest way is to consider yourself unlucky, and successful people as favorites of fate. But is it really so?

"When it seems that the whole world is against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind!" Henry Ford

Are you a favorite of fate or a loser?

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