Examples of female sexual fantasies
Examples of female sexual fantasies

Women's sexual fantasies. What female sexual fantasies are talking about. What do women and men see in their fantasies?

If a person experiences sexual fantasies, we can say that he has a high libido. This feature is most clearly manifested in the female half: those women who are more likely to give in to sexual fantasies, have a stronger sexual desire and experience greater sexual satisfaction.

Women who indulge in sexual fantasies during arousal are more likely to have an orgasm at the end of intercourse. So, if during sex with your woman you imagine Angelina Jolie next to you, do not feel strong remorse, as perhaps your half at this time imagines himself making love with Brad Pete. Sexual fantasies during intercourse in women are as common as in men.

What does this mean?

Do not think that a woman is unhappy with a man just because someone else is present in her sexual fantasies. Fantasy helps a woman to heighten arousal. A woman can be satisfied in every sense with her man, but fantasy increases the power of orgasm and the feeling of pleasure.

What do women and men see in their fantasies?

1. Men tend to imagine themselves with a large number of sexual partners at the same time. In their fantasies, they like to exchange partners, while women in their fantasies mostly stay with one partner, although there are exceptions.

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2. Men in their fantasies focus on some kind of sexual activity or body part. Women often find it difficult to sort out their fantasy "on the shelves." These are just vivid impressions without any details. Women's fantasies almost always do without visualizing the partner's genitals (men's fantasies are the opposite). Women in their fantasies focus on their emotional reactions to any actions of their partner. They can rarely describe it, but they will give a detailed description of their image, right down to the wardrobe items. Women are also willing to describe the feelings that their fantasy aroused in them.

3. A characteristic feature of women's fantasies is their romantic setting: island, sea, forest, exotic flowers, waterfall, moonlight, etc. Many women also mention freedom from any external stimuli in the form of a telephone, etc.

4. Women often imagine themselves as passive participants in sexual intercourse. But this does not mean that women fantasize about how men take them by force. In female fantasies of this kind, a man usually has to make efforts only to break female resistance, and then behave tenderly, sensually, in general, since women like them, but they do not like rudeness.

5. Women's fantasies are more emotional, reflecting a woman's desire to be close to loyal, caring partners. Men more often see in their fantasies sex with several women, with strangers who come and go. Despite the fact that women see in their fantasies some kind of Brad Pete, in fact, this image contains the features of her husband, her lover, only, so to speak, in the shell of Brad Pete.

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6. Women have bisexual fantasies more often than men, as they are sexually curious about individuals of the same sex.

7. Women's fantasies rarely include fetishes of any kind. If a woman really wants new shoes, then her fantasy does not go into the field of sex, but is limited to the fantasy of going to the store.

How can you use your sexual fantasies?

Share your fantasies with each other, as this will help you make some of them come true. If you are aware of each other's sexual fantasies, you can surprise your partner by fulfilling his / her fantasy.

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