How to become a tough kid
How to become a tough kid

Everyone who has seen a tough dude wants to be no less tough and cool himself. How to have steel balls, be cool, look cool, maintain your image and challenge the world?

You know a guy like that - he parks his motorcycle and walks fearlessly into the bar, dressed in black leather. He unbuttons his jacket and exposes his tattooed arms. He puts the bill on the table, and the bartender immediately puts a glass in front of him. You catch a glimpse of this guy's reckless gaze before he looks away. You just saw a tough guy and you yourself would like to be.

1. Be cool on the inside

1.1 Observe. Cool is a state of mind. A tough guy will be cool even if you wear a polka dot skirt. He may not look so intimidating, but he will still be cool. This is because coolness is a state of mind, just like nirvana, only a more daring state.

Watch movies with Clint Eastwood to get an idea of how to behave and be tough and intimidating. Accept the mannerisms that you think will work for you, and add something of your own.

Read about tough guys. For example: Sun Tzu and Genghis Khan (were cool in Apollo during the war), Winston Churchill and Orson Welles (smoked more cigars than Fidel and Raoul combined) and Daniel Day Lewis and Jeff Bridges (a prime example of a wardrobe).

How to become a superhero
How to become a superhero

1.2 Always be confident in yourself. This is 95% success. Tough guys do anything with complete confidence and zero cowardice. If you can do this, then success is guaranteed.

Walk confidently, raise your head, straighten your shoulders (if this helps you, then pretend that behind you a long cloak fluttering in the wind) and take shorter and slower steps. Every step you take should be meaningful.

Don't depend on results. What does this mean? This means you don't care about the results. Your confidence should encourage you to accept one woman's refusal and another woman's consent with exactly the same attitude. This is great.

1.3 Be bold. Tough guys are brave by nature. Most people associate fearlessness with coolness, whether it be self-defense, fighting for someone, or observing a dangerous situation with universal calm. Work to overcome your fears and feel free to defend what you believe in. Step out of your comfort zone and adapt to stressful situations.

1.4 Your actions should be louder than words. The real tough guy puts meaning in his actions. The tough guy doesn't believe in talking. Anyone can say they are an expert in interplanetary travel, but not everyone has actually done it. And which one is cool?

1.5 Destroy obstacles. Nothing has to stand in your way to become a tough guy. One of the most exciting and daunting things is removing obstacles in your path. It won't happen overnight, but it will definitely happen if you cool this state of your mind.

How to expand your social circle?
How to expand your social circle?

For example, if you are shy, develop new conversational material (cover different topics, add anecdotes) that will ensure your leadership throughout the conversation. A real tough guy will always have something to say, but rarely speaks.

Find ingenious solutions to problems. Here you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The tough guy will rip the hammer into small pieces (not with explosives, but with his own energy). It is, of course, figurative. The tough guy will get out of problems in the smartest and at the same time the easiest way.

Plan ahead. The tough guy has a great balance between spontaneous planning and forward planning. The tough guy sees an opportunity that just arises, but he devises a plan many steps ahead.

1.6 Have your own style. A real tough guy will wear whatever he wants, no matter the current trends. It is important to create your own style that will increase your self-confidence. The appearance works wonders for the image and your attitude.

Some people associate certain clothes with coolness - boots, leather, jeans, but you don't have to dress like that. You can be cool in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals if you have that attitude.

Try to create your own whimsical style. Maybe you wear vests with pockets or just denim clothes, even to a funeral. Whatever it is, be confident in your style. A quirky style can be legendary when brought to life by a tough guy.

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How can a man make his voice rough and hoarse?

1.7 Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are the epitome of coolness. It doesn't matter what you are wearing, as long as you are wearing sunglasses, your look will be much cooler. This is because glasses block you from scrutiny and create a halo of overconfidence, even when it really isn't.

1.8 Be yourself. Don't lose your essence in the pursuit of cool. Being cool doesn't mean getting in trouble and impressing other people. It means being yourself and fighting for that right. If you communicate with people who incite you to do something, and you agree, then you are pandering to the desires of other people.

2. Maintain your image

2.1 Avoid uncool things at all costs. You are probably well aware of what this means. Refresh your knowledge:

Cocktail Cosmopolitan and any similar drinks. Avoid them like the plague.

Crossing your legs when you are sitting.

Manicure and pedicure. Who cares what forums and neighbors say? Tough guys never do that kind of thing.

Musicals. It's not very cool to watch men and women in pantyhose sing to each other on stage.

2.2 Be mysterious. Don't tell people where you are going unnecessarily. Be mysteriously late and don't mention it. Don't tell your life story. Let people guess.

What makes a person cool? 101 signs of a tough person
What makes a person cool? 101 signs of a tough person

2.3 Break the rules in small but meaningful ways. Tough guys are distinguished from the gray mass by their individualistic nature. A tough guy is a lone wolf who is excluded from the crowd because he is too good and who can handle even impossible situations. Tough guys only do what they want.

Ask yourself what made you act mindlessly and analyze why and how you do it. Perhaps you will continue to adhere to the current course, but this is entirely your choice. Do it more confidently than before.

2.4 Don't look for a fight, but be prepared for it. The tough guy does not ask for trouble, but is not afraid to stand up for himself and for others when there is no other way out or a serious challenge to respect is thrown. To keep fit, try the following:

Boxing. This is really cool. This is a one-on-one fight. Boxing is grueling, bold and grotesque, and perfect for the tough buddy aspiring.

Wrestling. Wrestlers don't get the respect they deserve. Like boxers, they fight with muscle and mind, hone their bodies until they become effective machines of ruthless power.

Rugby. This is a really rough, tough game. Players are constantly breaking their noses and fingers, but keep going forward as if nothing had happened.

2.5 Behave yourself. Do not spoil the mood of other people and do not alienate yourself. This is the difference between tough and asshole. People respect the former and despise the latter. The most respected tough guy is a guy with a tough image, but understanding and kind.

Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength
Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength

Think of Han Solo, the villain who ended up fighting the rebels. Or James Bond - cool, graceful and fearless, always ready to fight for the good of Great Britain.

Good deeds big and small will make you a tough guy that people will follow. Wrap your good deeds in mystery and do not brag.


Sometimes you have to slow down. You don't want to look intimidatingly cool during a job interview or when asking someone out on a date. In fact, inner tenderness is part of the tough guy image. Even Batman is vulnerable at heart.

Learn to avoid confrontation. If you find yourself in a situation where someone refuses to back down, you need to make a choice whether to back down or not. Sometimes, you will be able to resolve the situation by talking or buying this person a beer. Failure to back down can lead to a fight with unintended consequences. You must be good at fighting, but you must also use this skill wisely.

You will inevitably come across people who will challenge you. Learn to defuse the situation, or be prepared to stand up for yourself. There is nothing cool about a fight if you know the outcome from the beginning.

Coolness attracts unwanted attention. Law enforcement agencies will be interested in you. Be nice to them.

Choose your enemies wisely. You cannot resist the whole world.

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