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How i got cool
How i got cool

Even if you're a nerd, you can get other guys and girls to take it seriously. A young fighter's course on how to be cool and brutal.

If you are a little nerd or just find it difficult to get other guys and girls to take you seriously, life may seem just impossible. Don't worry: you can change the way people see you! It may take a little time and hard work, but persistence and tough assignments are part of the tough guy's life. Read below to make Arnold Schwarzenegger seem like a helpless kitten against your background.

How to get cool

1. Take up martial arts, boxing, sambo or wrestling, and make everyone around you know about it (at school, at work, on the street, your friends and everyone around). People will know that you are a fighter and will think that you are strong / tough.

2. Go in for sports. Nothing says "cool" like massive arms. Get into the gym, do abs and squats, and take it seriously. Don't tell anyone that you play sports. Supplements like protein powders and Creatine can help you reach your goals faster. (Don't forget about bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and bends.)

3. Do scary and extreme things. Tough guys love adrenaline, they love to overcome fears and step out of their comfort zone to improve themselves.

How to get cool? 10 ways to get cool
How to get cool? 10 ways to get cool

4. Be mysterious. Hint at past events that made you who you are now. Do not under any circumstances make up.

5. Develop your pain tolerance. It is true that pain is necessary to know if something is happening to your body, but don't let it rule your mind.

6. Be rough, grow stubble or mustache. Wear darker and / or rougher outfits. (You don't have to always wear black.)

7. Be unpredictable. If you are unpredictable, people will not know what to expect from you, and this will scare off other "false" tough guys.

8. Earn the respect of other people. Why be a tough guy if no one respects you? Earn respect by helping people with challenging tasks that no one else takes on, but make sure you don't 'push' or impose respect on you (depending on which side you are on - the good or the bad). The choice is yours!

9. If something does not go as you planned, or something bad happens, always behave calmly. Instead of feeling anxious or intimidated, take the necessary steps to prevent, correct, or minimize the problem.

10. Learn the rules of the streets.

11. Don't start fights, end them. Don't just get involved in any fight you see - be sensible.

12. Always be a white knight. Protect the victims of bullies. Stand up for the offended. Take them under your protection and escort them to safety.

Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors
Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors

13. Do your dirty work. When a list of errands is announced to you, do what no one else wants to do, and do it with pleasure.

14. Be nice. It sounds strange, but being cool doesn't mean being a villain. You must use your manners as everyone else does.


Keep your back straight. This will make you look confident.

Learn to fight. Being a tough guy means that you always have to be ready to answer the haters.

Find out where people's weaknesses are. They all have weak points that can be exploited. Even you! Try to work on yours and get rid of them!

Nothing speaks of your seriousness like apparent strength, self-confidence, and kindness.

Develop self-confidence.

Make a workout schedule and make sure you work your abs and arms day in and day out to develop your strength and power.

Do, or at least help with, difficult assignments.

Don't scream if you see a spider.

Learn to be positive.

Eat meat and vegetables or whatever you want. At the end of the day, the tough guy has to choose what he eats.

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