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Girl misbehaving
Girl misbehaving

How to identify the wrong girl right away? Before getting involved in a long-term relationship, you should think 10 times how good your new girlfriend is. Not all girlfriends are equally useful, so choose the right girl for the role.

Met a girl on a dating site, social network, bar, or met on the street? Started dating and want to start a serious relationship with her? Do not rush! Are you sure the new girl is right for you? How good have you come across a female specimen?

There are a lot of women among women who are far from being ladies, but with a prefix with the letter "b". Some girls will undermine your health and ruin your life. Choose carefully and take your time. Better to get married five years later than divorce a year later and pay child support.

The wrong girl

1. Wrong girl and reciprocity

How does the girl react to your actions? Does she make reciprocal steps or communicate as if out of favor? The wrong girl never writes first and gets away with short messages. She does not show the pleasure of communication, and you feel uncomfortable with her. You cannot find a common language with the wrong girl, but between you there is a wall of misunderstanding, some enmity and cold. With such a girl, one gets the impression of playing alone. It's like a girl a log in sex, only in communication.

1 date with a girl. Girls' tips for the perfect date
1 date with a girl. Girls' tips for the perfect date

2. Wrong girl and fights

Are relationships more likely to bring joy or problems? Are disagreements about your pastime, outlook on life, financial spending, jealousy, and other worries a constant part of your communication? You cannot find a common language and do you constantly have quarrels, conflicts and resentments? This girl is definitely not right for you. This is the wrong girl.

3. Wrong girl and courtship

You owe her something all the time. She meets and has sex out of favor. She demands payment for herself. The wrong girl will demand emotional and material resources for communicating with herself. Gifts, dining, and serving her are a must part of dating. A man should invest in a relationship to the maximum, even to his own detriment. Do you need it?

4. The Wrong Girl and Depression

Does a failed relationship bring depression, stress, negative emotions, depression, and sleep deprivation? Are you starting to abuse smoking or alcohol? This is all wrong. Relationships should be easy and enjoyable, not painful.

5. Wrong girl and manipulation

She tries to play with you, order or manipulate with the help of feminine tricks. She wants to subdue you by stopping into a toy. Her interests and whims are more important than yours.

If you answered in the affirmative to one of these five points, then save yourself before it's too late! This is the wrong and bad girl! Run, Forrest, run!

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