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Habits of Successful People: List of Habits
Habits of Successful People: List of Habits

Many habits begin to form largely through imitation. What could be more correct than doing the same as the favorites of fortune?

1) The habit of working with full dedication

If in a simple way, in Russian, then work in, work in and work in again. Otherwise (unless you are the son of an oligarch) it will not work to become more successful and reach a new level of personal development. Only hard, constant and exhausting work will help you reach new heights. And don't just work, but surrender to your work, like a loving wife to your husband. Yes - it's not difficult, and in general you want to leave the stupid stuffy office somewhere in the Caribbean, but only by doing hard work as a habit can you achieve your goals.

2) the habit of setting high standards

It is only important to distinguish lofty goals from unrealizable ones. If you set it too high, it will burn you, if you set it too low, the result will be mediocre. Therefore, the best way out is to define one main and very serious goal, and break it down into smaller ones. Vagit Alekperov also started as a simple driller, and now he is the chairman of the board of shareholders of Lukoil.

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3) the habit of seeing your goal

Those. be very specific about what you want. Do you want to be more successful? Fine! But what exactly do you mean by the word “more successful”? A new position, an apartment, a wife, your own business? This, however, is not so important. The most important thing is to clearly understand, see your goal and move towards it consciously, because if you do not know the destination, then it will be quite difficult for you to buy the desired train ticket.

4) The habit of doing only what you love

Alexander Valuev would hardly have become the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Understand what makes you enjoy your work. Don't listen to other people and don't follow other people's prejudices. Yes, becoming a tough businessman is a success, but if you enjoy playing football more, then maybe it is better to become a professional goalkeeper? Remember - it doesn't matter what exactly you do. Any field of activity (when it comes to work) has its own top-class professionals who earn big money. Make it a habit to do only what you love, and then you will achieve success. If you are not passionate about your work, nothing will work out.

5) the habit of taking your time

Finally stop reading and turn off the TV. Make it a rule to do something useful every free minute. Donald Trump once remarked that time is more valuable than money. you can earn money, but never return the time. And he is absolutely right. Nothing, absolutely nothing bothers you on the road, instead of listening to the next nonsense on FM radio, listen to a podcast, and in line to see a doctor - read a book. Don't waste your precious (literally) time with unnecessary nonsense, take it.

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How to make excuses for being late?

6) the habit of acting

One can long and persistently lament about the unjust world, greedy "capitalists", and the lack of a normal job. But until you finally get your seat off your chair and go for an interview, you won't get a new job. Remember, a truly successful person is characterized by the habit of acting. Of course, this requires a plan, an end, and a means. So find them and start taking action at last.

7) the habit of learning from others

Study the experience of other people who are engaged in activities similar to yours. Learn from them and try not to make the same mistakes. It doesn't matter what level of a professional you are, in any case there are things that you know worse than others. This is normal, everyone has “dead zones”. To make sure that there are as few of them as possible is your task. Listening to and learning from others should become your habit.

8) The habit of rest

In order not to drive yourself on the path to success, you must definitely learn to rest. Otherwise, you will very quickly become exhausted and burn out. Set aside some time you can devote to relaxation, and for those hours, forget about all your goals. Yes, just forget - let your brain rest and recuperate. Go to the cinema, theater, or swimming pool. Sit with friends in a cafe. Do not recycle!

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List of bad habits that spoil everything


The above habits of successful people have helped many to achieve high results in their lives. Of course, these tips are not the ultimate truth, and you can argue with some of them, but if you listen to at least some of them and follow even half of them, then you, too, can achieve new, previously unseen results. And, (re-read habit # 6 again) the most important thing - ACT!

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