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How to make a girl happy in a relationship
How to make a girl happy in a relationship

Girls leave very quickly if you don't take care of some things. Making a girl happy is much easier than it seems at first glance.

The president of the consulting company BrandEnable, Robert Manni, in his book The Guys' Guys Guide To Love, told about some of the characteristics of female happiness. Making a girl happy is much easier than it seems at first glance.

Many women like to walk with an offended and displeased look. This is not the natural state of your girlfriend, and she is unhappy with something. Do you want to make the girl happy and contented, and yourself borscht and sex?

If you want a good relationship, you have to do something. Many men believe that women are the hardest creatures who don't know what they want. Women themselves like to support this myth of mystery, not logicality and unpredictability, but in reality everything is different. Any woman can be made happy and it's simple. Are all women different? Yes. But there are basic basic points, the fulfillment of which guarantees 95% of all female desires.

Robert Manny is sure that girls need not so much from men. How to make a girl happy?

1. Be active

A lot of poor fellows weren't making an effort or being active in relationships. Where are they all? They sit at home alone. They don't have girls kissing, hugging, feeding and fucking them. It is sad. Invite her to the cinema, cafe, street, theater, match. Give flowers, cards, chocolates, jewelry and other paraphernalia of romantic relationships. You can't do without it. Kiss and have sex when she is hot and wants it. Force events. Active men are never alone. A girl is happy when a man takes the first step himself and gradually conquers her. Take the initiative into your own hands. "Women's happiness is when a man decides for her who is to blame and what to do."

What should a man know about a woman?
What should a man know about a woman?

2. Be careful

You don’t need to call your girlfriend and get her every day. But the girl must understand and see that you remember her. It can be SMS, calls, postcards, messages on social networks. Fill in the breaks between dates with short communication sessions. This will create a sense of stability, confidence and female happiness. She's silly, but what can you do about it? She kisses deliciously.

3. Maintain order

Men like to "hang" things on the floor, do not wash the dishes, do not tidy up the apartment for weeks and do not shave. And women are kept clean. So their mother taught them and they saw this in the movies. In the movies, men look perfect, and their apartments look like an apartment from a real estate catalog.

Your den doesn't look like a California house or penthouse, but that's okay. If a girl must come to visit or visit you periodically (you probably lure her for sex), then it is better to keep a minimum order. Pay special attention to the bathroom and the bed. She will definitely spend some time in the bathroom, as well as in bed. But for probable sex, you need to wash, shave and look brand new. A girl will be happy to date a neat man, not a man.

4. Have good sex

Sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship. If a man does not satisfy a woman, someone else will do it. Show endurance, patience, perseverance and ingenuity in pursuit of the female orgasm. The lack of a female orgasm during sexual intercourse is a challenge to a man. What kind of man dodges a challenge?

Making eye contact with a girl
Making eye contact with a girl

5. Let her know about the feelings

You have already had sex many times, met your friends, but what next? In a relationship, there comes a time when people confess their feelings or break up. A missed chance can turn into loneliness. Let her know about emotions, sensations, thoughts and feelings. It is not necessary to be eloquent, rather tongue-tied and stingy male confessions. Too many words about love do not inspire confidence. Let her know about the feelings and soothe her feminine excitement with this. The girl will be happy to realize that she loves and is loved.

How to make a girl happy? Easily! As the popular actor, artist and TV presenter Yuri Nikulin said: "If each of us manages to make another person happy - at least one, everyone on earth will be happy"

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