How easy it is to manipulate people
How easy it is to manipulate people

As long as there are simpletons in the world, we will live by deception, therefore, from our hands. How to get your way with the help of covert and deceptive tactics? Regardless of your goal, plan, or task, the best way to get what you want is through manipulation.

Decent people are easy to manipulate (J. K. Rowling)

Manipulating other people is a great way to get what you want. Regardless of your goal and purpose, you will need to hone your manipulation skills, try different manipulation techniques, and learn how to manipulate people in different life situations. If you don't want to put off learning this wonderful craft even for a moment, then fasten your seat belts and go on the journey into the world of manipulation outlined below.

1. Sharpen the manipulation blade

1.1 Take some acting lessons. The lion's share of the ability to manipulate is the study of the art of mastering your own emotions, which can subsequently influence the decisions of other people. Whether you want to learn how to act more indifferent and relaxed than you really are, or use a variety of other emotional techniques to get your way, attending acting lessons isn't a waste of time, but a very productive investment in yours. future successes in the field of social speech impact.

Don't tell other people about your secret visits to the acting community if your only goal is to learn the craft of manipulation.

1.2 Take some lessons in public speaking. While acting school can help you act relaxed and relaxed in stressful situations, the craft of public speaking can help you piece all your thoughts together and portray them in a beautiful and compelling bouquet of exquisitely chosen word combinations aimed at constructive and rational voice tactics for your requirements in a sufficiently strong and convincing presentation.

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How to tell if a girl is using you: 25 signs of divorce from girls

1.3 Establish similarities is another way to manipulate people into the impression that you love them. This can be done using a technique called "mirroring," where you can mirror their body language, intonation, and so on.

A calm and persuasive approach is very effective in your job of getting your constructive suggestions into the heads of your boss and other employees. An emotional approach is not effective in a work setting.

1.4 Be charismatic. Charismatic individuals have a natural tendency to get things done. If you want to manipulate people, you should work on your charisma. Learn to smile contagiously and light up the room with your presence, have tactful body language that will make others want to talk to you, and be able to keep up a conversation with both your nine-year-old nephew and your history teacher. Here are some other ways to be charismatic:

Appreciate the uniqueness of others. Get eye contact when you are talking to someone, and ask them for their opinions and feelings. Demonstrate your genuine concern for their interests and show respect for their opinions.

Exude confidence. Charismatic people love themselves for who they are and they love what they do. If you believe in yourself, it will be much easier for other people to take you seriously and give you what you need.

Be confident when you say something, whether it's true or just fantasy. Try to be perky when talking to the person you are talking to.

1.5 Learn from the masters. If you have a friend, relative, or even a foe who is excellent at manipulation, then you should study the behavior of this person or even write down some of his habits in order to see how he succeeds in getting his way in a variety of situations. And don't be afraid of being manipulated a little in return. This approach will help you get inspired to do your own manipulative actions.

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Why do girls endure the brain, swear, scandal or take offense?

If you really intend to manipulate people, then perhaps you already have the ability to manipulate one of your associates.

1.6 Learn to read people. Each person wears his own personal emotional and psychological mask, and accordingly this can be used. Before you start plotting a sinister manipulative plan, spend a little time studying the person you want to create a selfish influence on in order to understand and figure out which strings should be pulled in order to subdue the consciousness of this person to your needs. And here are some examples of what you might find when you look under the poppies of people.

Many people are subject to strong emotions. These people are overly emotional, they cry over the events in the films, they love animals, and they also tend to constantly condole and show mercy. In order to get them to dance to your tune, you will need to play with their emotions or just press on pity.

Other people are gifted with deep feelings of guilt. Some people grew up in harsh and strict conditions, where they literally received hard for every even small offense, and now they live by life and blame themselves for all the sins of the world. With people like this, the answer is obvious - make them feel guilty for not doing what you need to do until they give up.

Other people are forcing a more rational approach. If your friend is a person of a logical mindset, reads a lot of books and newspapers, is interested in all events, then you will have to use your abilities of calm persuasion instead of psychologically squeezing consent to your petition.

2. Use a variety of manipulation techniques

Focusing attention. What determines the achievement of the desired goals?
Focusing attention. What determines the achievement of the desired goals?

2.1 First ask for the impossible, and then ask for something mundane. This approach is the time-tested "nutcracker" of tough, and even less tough nuts. It's simple. If you want to manipulate someone, then first ask for something absolutely unreal so that they will refuse you, and somehow later ask you to provide a more adequate service, which will already seem simpler than a steamed turnip, compared to your previous absurd request.

For example, if you want your employee to show up early for work, just tell him, “Would you like to lead a new project? You just need to come to work a few hours earlier for several months. " If you see your employee shake his head negatively, then immediately ask: "Could you then just come earlier tomorrow to help me pack these papers?" Your employee, this time, will be much more accommodating.

2.2 Ask for something unusual before asking for what you really need. Another way to use the services of another person is to ask for something so strange that it can disarm the person and lead him into such delusion that he will not be able to say no. If you first ask for something predictable, such as a loan, a ride or help with your homework, then most likely you will hear the word "no" in response, since people have already formed a reflex to reject such requests.

For example, if you want to ask someone on the street to sign a petition, then before that ask the person to help you tie the laces on your shoes, as your back went through the other day and you are not able to bend down. Thus, you will gain confidence in this person, and signing the petition will happen easily and naturally.

Signs of a toxic relationship
Signs of a toxic relationship

2.3 The carrot and stick method. If you want to achieve what you need, first instill in the person his worst fears, and then release this tension from him by saying the good news in such a way that he will be so happy that everything worked out that he will be ready to provide you with almost any service. … This is a sneaky little trick that will surely bear fruit sooner or later.

For example, you can tell your friend the following: “You know, when I was driving your car, I heard very strange sounds, that I even thought that your car was about to stall. But then, you won’t believe it, I realized that it was just a radio receiver - it’s funny, isn’t it?” Pause and wait until your friend comes to his senses, and then say: "I just thought, by the way, do you mind if I borrow your car for a couple more days?"

2.4 Make the person feel guilty. Feelings of guilt are another easy way to get your way when you connect with the right person. First, find someone who is already prone to feelings of guilt. Then, make that person feel guilty for being a bad parent, friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend just for not giving you what you need, no matter how ridiculous your request is.

If you want to make your parents feel guilty, just tell them that your life and your childhood is full of anguish and suffering because you are not allowed to freely choose and make your own decisions.

If you want to make a friend feel guilty, then remind him how often you helped him or, by chance, remind him how many times he set you up.

Guilty before the girl. How to apologize to a girl?
Guilty before the girl. How to apologize to a girl?

In the case of your boyfriend or girlfriend, say, “No, it's okay, that's what I expected,” thus making him or her feel guilty.

2.5 Give a bribe. Bribery is another way of successful manipulation. You do not need to blackmail anyone while doing this. You might even give a not-so-attractive or time-consuming bribe. For example, you can ask a friend to help you prepare for your math test, and in return, you can share your popcorn at the cinema.

Determine what this or that person really wants and give it to him. For example, if you find that your friend has fallen in love with a new girl, then tell him that you will help him get her phone number if he does you a little favor.

You shouldn't give a bribe too trivially. Play it as if you just want to do something good for this person in return for a favor on their part.

2.6 Pretend to be the victim. Being a victim is a good way to get your way, unless, of course, you overdo it in that direction. This tactic must be carried out in an efficient manner that will most likely pierce the heart of your target. Pretend to be a kind and selfless person who, for some extraterrestrial reason, must pay for all the sins of humanity.

Mow like a fool. Say, "I have no idea what I could have done wrong." Sound like you are sincerely discouraged by the troubles around you.

Say, "It's okay, I'm already used to it."Make the person feel guilty, they say, you are surrounded only by indifferent people who never help you.

Be pathetic. If your friend refuses to give you a lift, then say: "Okay, then I'll go on foot - it won't hurt me to stretch a little."

What to do in difficult times?
What to do in difficult times?

2.7 Use logic. To conquer the rational representatives of the human race, you will need to resort to logic and analytical thinking. During the presentation of your petition, resort to at least three logical facts that the execution of your request will lead to obvious benefits not only for you, but also for the executor of your assignment. Speak in a measured and rational manner, and do not lose your calmness while presenting the content of your request. If you want to convince a rational person, then remove all kinds of emotions from your face and tone of voice, otherwise do not expect mercy from rational people.

Act as if what you want is the only logical thing to do. Make the person feel stupid for not sharing your sane point of view.

2.8 Do not leave the image. Whichever method you use, do not lose your image and do not admit that you tried to manipulate someone. And if they suspect you of this, then say: “I can't believe that I could hear this from you!”, Which will plant seeds of guilt in the person who suspects you.

Once you admit to your manipulative activities, you will not see more obedience on the part of this person.

3. Manipulate anyone

3.1 Manipulate your friends. Manipulating your friends can be risky, so if your manipulative abilities are not yet perfect, a good friend can easily figure out your idea. First, you need to grease your friend. Do him many favors, fulfill his requests, help him in everything, in general, be a living example of friendly perfection, without going beyond common sense.

Use your emotions. Your friends are far from indifferent to you, and they do not want to see you sad, so they will try to cheer you up by doing all your little errands.

How do women manipulate you?
How do women manipulate you?

Remind your friend of what a great friend you are. Prepare some reinforcing examples of how you stuck your neck out for your friendship with him.

Don't forget about guilt. Needless to say, what a terrible friend you have, but a couple of hints at past examples of how your friend set you up might be useful to you in this moment. Play it as if you are already used to this kind of behavior on his part, without resorting to overly harsh accusations.

3.2 Manipulate the other half. Manipulating your significant other shouldn't be too much of a problem. The easiest way would be to simply get your partner sexually turned on, and then ask for something, hinting that in order to receive your intimate attention, you will have to complete several assignments. But if you do not want to rush to such extremes, then check out the tips below for performing other tactics.

Whichever approach you choose, look as sexy as possible. Your significant other will be ready to provide you with the whole world as soon as she sees how irresistible and sexy you appeared in front of her.

3.1 How easily a person can fall into your hands also depends on the impression you make on them. Be flexible and resourceful when creating an image (to be misleading).

Use your temper. Your boyfriend, and even more so your girlfriend, doesn't want to see you crying or upset, so go for it.

If you really intend to get your way, then let your tears come out in a public place. Just as a parent is more likely to succumb to their child's crying in public, your boyfriend won't want to feel like making you cry in public, so he'll give you what you need. Use this method wisely.

How to increase charisma?
How to increase charisma?

Take advantage of small bribes. If you want your boyfriend to take you on a romantic picnic, offer to watch football with him the next day. Thus, you are more likely to reach a joint compromise than manipulation.

3.4 Manipulate your boss. Use a rational and logical approach to your boss. Don't cry and act out a drama in your boss's office, because most likely you will simply be fired. But if you give your boss some common sense about your proposal, then he will most likely agree.

Try to be an exemplary worker for the week before you go out to make a particular request. Work a little longer, come a little earlier, smile, bring delicious cookies for tea in the office just "because".

Ask in an informal manner. Ask your boss as if there is nothing wrong with it, instead of saying: "Viktor Eduardovich, I would like to discuss a very serious issue with you." After all, you can alert him to the seriousness of your application, which is likely to be rejected or will require even more effort on your part.

Go to your boss at the end of the day or during a break. You should not ask your boss at the beginning of the working day, because, most likely, your boss will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown from only one type of upcoming work. And so, when he is happy about the impending trip home or to the buffet, then, perhaps, they will make a concession to you and fulfill your request, so as not to waste your free time challenging your offer.

3.5 Manipulate your teacher. In order to manipulate your teacher, you will have to combine your emotional and rational abilities. Before making your request, be an exemplary student, participate in class discussions, do your homework, in general, be an exemplary student.

Let your teacher know how good he is, but without sucking up. Simply, subtly mention how inspiring his lessons are or how interesting the topic of today's lesson was.

Betrayed dreams
Betrayed dreams

Say that your house is just a "madhouse" now. This puts the teacher in an awkward position and your teacher will most likely feel sorry for you without going into the details of your household chores.

As you continue to talk about the hardships of your personal life, wait until your teacher feels so uncomfortable as to offer you a reprieve for your abstract or test. If that doesn't happen, then start on a negative note. Say, “I know that you usually don’t give a reprieve …” and let your voice freeze, your eyes sparkle and look sadly out the window.

If that doesn't work, then go back to playing the heart strings. Start crying, while remaining silent about the mysterious "madhouse" that reigns in your home, and wait until your teacher is in such an uncomfortable position that he will simply not be able to refuse you.

3.6 Manipulate your parents. Your parents have unrestricted love for you, so they will be more likely to be manipulated by you. If you have a foundation of love and support, then you just need to maintain an image of an exemplary child before you ask for anything. Come home early, spend a lot of time studying, and help your parents with household chores. Then, go to your ancestors and post your terms and conditions.

Make your request as rational as possible. If you want to go to a concert or a school disco, then just, as if by chance, ask permission to go to the party, instead of asking them to sit down to discuss a very important issue. Play it as if you can't even tell why your parents might refuse you.

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What to get rid of in a person's life: 35 things you shouldn't spend your life on

You can even reach out to your parents while doing the dishes or doing the laundry, which will remind them of what a diligent offspring you really are.

Tell them that all your friends will be there, and how their parents don't mind at all. Like, there is nothing wrong with that, so trivial.

Put pressure on parental guilt. If, for example, you wanted to go to a concert, then say: "No, nothing, everything is fine, then I will just ask my friends to bring a T-shirt or keychain from the concert …". Make them feel like they are preventing you from attending a very important social event. You shouldn't say: "You ruin my life!" If you play everything right, then your parents will make the decision you need on their own, your task is to sow a grain of guilt.


Another excellent example of manipulative art is contriving to get someone to do something for you, and then making the task unexpectedly difficult. And when they come up to you and start complaining, then say: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that everything could turn out like this for you." And make it sound like it's not your fault. But before starting the whole game, make sure that you involve them in a task that they cannot escape from.

For some people, this is a natural state, so do not try too hard so that it is not obvious.

Take acting lessons to hone the control of your emotions.

Try to show interest in the person that you are extremely interested in him. Then he will be more willing to help you.

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