Tips on how to get smart
Tips on how to get smart

In the age of high technology, the brain is the main factor in human success. How to become smarter, smarter and smarter? Improve yourself!

A few easy ways to get smarter.

1. Get up early

Going to bed early and getting up early is the first rule. The brain works best in the morning, according to a study from the University of Sussex. If you have to, for example, take a test, then before noon the results will be 5% better.

2. Chew

Chewing gum not only freshens breath, but also improves brain function. Chewing increases your heart rate, which helps your brain get better oxygen and glucose.

Saliva helps trigger memory by releasing insulin, which stimulates memory receptors in brain cells.

3. Hit Vitamin B

B vitamins are great for helping the brain. Vitamin B6 improves long-term memory, and B1, 2 and B12 restore and help the production of brain tissue. You can get B vitamins by adding chicken, fatty fish and bananas to your diet. And if that's not enough, buy a vitamin complex at the pharmacy.

4. Learn from women

Women are great at multiple tasks at the same time, and we should learn from them. When you are doing several things at once, the brain works with full dedication. Try to work out while watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time.

How to restore clarity of mind?
How to restore clarity of mind?

Concentrate on both streams of information, and then single out one. It will improve your ability to focus so you can watch TV shows and listen to sports news at the same time. Do you think it won't work? Julius Caesar could!

5. Eat right

Your brain also suffers from malnutrition. “Eat little and often - it helps your body to constantly maintain the required level of energy, - says the author of the book“You are what you eat: How to plan meals”Karina Norris. "Large portions provide serious blood flow to the stomach to aid the digestion process, which means that blood is draining away from the brain."

6. Learn another language

This will not only help you during your next trip to another country, but will also keep your brain in shape. A second language alters gray matter, the part of your brain that helps you process information, according to a study from University College London.

It's like going to the gym - the more and better you swing, the more muscles you have, and here the more languages you know, the better the gray matter environment.

7. Don't forget about herbs

Add rosemary sprouts to your breakfast. This will improve blood flow to the brain and have a beneficial effect on how the brain and body work together. Rosemary isn't the only herb that enhances cognitive function - sage, for example, can help you focus better.

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