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How to make a first impression on a girl
How to make a first impression on a girl

Do you want to please girls at first sight? The decisive factor in your love life is the ability to make the right first impression on girls. If you haven't learned to make the right impression, then you definitely have difficulties in your personal life and few girls around.

The first impression is the most important, and if you do not know how to produce what you need, then you are lost. How to learn to like girls at first sight?

How to impress a girl?

1. Posture of a man

Why do you think girls love the military? Army bearing and impeccable posture! Girls are impressed by the beautiful posture of a man. Many men forget about such an important trump card as a beautiful and even posture. Women subconsciously react to a man with an even and correct posture. Such a man inspires confidence with his excellent health, good self-esteem and confidence in the future. A man's self-esteem begins with posture.

2. Eye contact

Do you want to draw attention to the girl? Learn to maintain eye contact with the fair sex. Try to find a balance between a long scary look and a short running one. Look at the girl confidently, positively and "smile" with your eyes. Look at the girl with interest, so you give her a sign of your intentions.

How to beat off a girl from a guy?
How to beat off a girl from a guy?

3. Smile

A smile on his face suggests that the person is positive and that he is doing well. Smiling is a sign of strength. A smile is a sign of a healthy man that women are interested in. Smiling is the cheapest and easiest way to look prettier. Smile at the girl if you want to impress her.

How to impress a girl
How to impress a girl

4. Look beautiful

Men like well-groomed and beautiful girls, and women like attractive men. It's hard to make a good impression in a rogue's outfit. Try to avoid wearing dirty, shabby, or unkempt clothing. Squeeze 100% out of your appearance.

5. The smell of a man

Sometimes the smell alone can turn a girl's head. Especially if it's good eau de toilette. Nobody likes the smell of sweat. Antiperspirant will help get rid of sweat, and expensive eau de toilette will help attract girls. Now men use eau de toilette too rarely that you will look favorably among the crowd of sweating men.

6. Manners of a man

A man behaves confidently, directly and courageously. He does not fuss and knows what he wants. Such men are always attracted to girls. Especially if the man is gallant and well-mannered. But the perfect man is boring. A real man is a bit of a bad guy, but he is not shy about being himself.

Hone these six points. The ability to make a first impression will come in handy in your personal life.

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