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How to manipulate people correctly
How to manipulate people correctly

We are manipulated by television, government, salespeople and ordinary people. It's time to use the weapon of manipulation for your own purposes. What can you put pressure on in people to get what you want? Weaknesses and vulnerabilities of people who need to be hit, if necessary.

“Indifference is destructive. If you evoke strong emotions in people, it is truly positive. If people despise you, it means that you have found their bare nerve, you rub salt into their wounds. And those people who understand this become loyal and devoted "Brian Molko

Women want to manipulate men, men want to manipulate women, politicians with the people, bosses with subordinates, and other people among themselves. If you are not manipulating, then you are being manipulated. How to pull people by invisible strings and control them when you need it?

How to manipulate people correctly

1. Fear for manipulating people

How to manipulate people? Fear is the main method in the world. To achieve the goal, a person must be scared well. This is used by sellers, insurance companies and television, which indirectly frighten a person. If you don’t buy, insure and do something, you’ll lose a lot. Your car will be stolen, and you will not be in demand, successful, fashionable, beautiful and sexy. The bosses are frightening with a reduction in bonuses, reprimands and dismissals. Look for leverage on people, weaknesses and how you can intimidate them. More often than not, these are not direct threats, but hints.

Ways to manipulate and control people
Ways to manipulate and control people

2. Lies to manipulate people

How to manipulate others? Is it difficult to make a person believe in something? Then lie to him. Concealment, distortion, lies and exaggeration. The average person lies twice a day. Sooner or later, lies will always be revealed? Usually not. By learning to lie believably, you can reach incredible heights. It is enough to look at modern politicians. Lying makes life much easier, saves you from trouble, makes you better in the eyes of others, which allows you to effectively manipulate people.

3. Trust to manipulate people

“We need trust in order to manipulate people” Dr. House

How to manipulate people using a sense of trust? In English, a person who manipulates people is translated as "a player on trust." When a person considers you to be close, it is much easier to achieve anything. Mimicry, gesture mirrors, revelation, companionship, and mental adjustment can bring you closer. This is often used by scammers, salespeople and psychologists.

4. Pity for manipulating people

How to manipulate people? Press on pity. There is a principle of not hitting someone who is lying down. Almost all people are merciful and will not doom to someone who is feeling bad. The ability to evoke pity and suffering will help in the right situation. For manipulation, you can ask for help. People love to feel like benefactors and patrons. Girls use tears and natural weakness for manipulation. Men can also take advantage of the pity of women. Women love to save men from themselves. The fair sex is compassionate enough that it will gladly help men.

Step on a rake
Step on a rake

5. Anger for manipulating people

With anger, the manipulator intimidates the interlocutor, then subdues him. Harsh speech, screaming, grumbling and anger. When the interlocutor is afraid, the manipulator can twirl him as he pleases. Many people build a reputation for being harsh and angry. This allows you to break down resistance in advance and without a fight. A nasty and quarrelsome nature can provide many benefits when needed. Anger is often used in love relationships. When one partner likes to arrange noisy showdowns and does not hold back anger well. Then the other half tries to give in and be softer.

How else to manipulate people? Use your mind. The winner is the one who thinks over more steps forward.

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