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How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

Sometimes it seems that men and women are inhabitants of different planets. In some cases, partners do not understand each other at all. This is due to the perception of the world, outlook on life, gender differences.

Men and women convey information to a partner differently. The man is straightforward. If he is not satisfied with something (how the girl prepares, the frequency or quality of sex, etc.), most likely, sooner or later (rather early) he will inform her about it.

A man is not a fan of hidden meanings and subtle hints. He expects the same from a woman. A woman, in turn, is rarely straightforward and harsh. Otherwise, they say about such a "man in a skirt."

Soft and feminine, tender and vulnerable, she prefers to subtly lead her partner to her desires. Gently hints to him. An offended look shows that something does not suit her in a relationship or in a man. Cries, breaks down on it. But she continues not to say what exactly she is missing. Why is this happening, and how to understand what exactly a woman is missing in a relationship? We'll figure out.

Let's start with the general reasons for this behavior in women.

Let's remember how little girls are brought up …

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

As a rule, parents teach a girl to be “feminine” from childhood. What do they mean by this concept? The girl is supposed to behave calmly. Be neat and gentle.

She is taught that it is a shame to ask for something directly. Better to just wait for help. Being sharp and straightforward is also bad. "After all, you are a girl!" It must somehow neatly, smoothly, with hints and cunning to achieve its goal. You can't impose on boys. This is indecent to say the least.

Why is the girl ignoring?
Why is the girl ignoring?

If she doesn't like something, she cries. The boy has no right to cry. After all, he is a man. A man is not supposed to.

To be offended or cry - these ways all childhood help the girl get what she wants and achieve what she wants.

This is how they grow, realizing that they can cry, pout, take offense, and those around them will rush to save the princess from a bad mood and fulfill her wishes.

The princess grows up and realizes that this tactic of behavior is "working". You need to put it into practice (with a boyfriend or husband). Why not.

And now she has been in a melancholy-depressive state for a week. And the husband (boyfriend), not owning extrasensory knowledge, must somehow guess the reasons for the sadness that befell her.

What can you advise a man in this case?

How can he understand what a woman lacks?

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

1. Ask her directly

Ask the lady of the heart directly and openly about the reasons for her sadness. Of course, it is not a fact that this will work. Let me explain why.

It's one thing if she lacks warmth. In this case, the average girl will eat her brain with a teaspoon. You will be told many times what a scoundrel you are! You haven't loved her for a long time. Or worse, never loved at all. I just used it. And she believed you! You broke her heart, didn't give a damn about her soul.

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Well, you are probably aware of all these "woman's" hysterics. She will ask and demand your attention. Beg and threaten. Heavy artillery will be used in the form of girlfriends, mutual friends and relatives …

So don't worry about that. If a woman does not have enough warmth or your attention, she will inform you.

We sorted it out with care, warmth and attention.

Now let's talk about sex.

Not every woman can tell a man that she lacks sex. Due to the peculiarities of upbringing, outlook on life or moral principles, some women will not say this. Even if you ask, you are unlikely to hear such an answer. What should be done in this case?

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

2. Guess by the behavior

How to tell a woman that she lacks sex. There are several general criteria. Let's look at them.

She became aggressive

It has been proven that a woman, as well as a man, needs sex. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, reproductive and hormonal systems of the body. Orgasm promotes the release of endorphins.

Therefore, if the lady of your heart is behaving aggressively, has become nervous and excitable, pay attention to how often and qualitatively you have sex. If in your intimate life everything is not as you would like - correct yourself! Remember that a satisfied woman is a happy woman!


A woman who lacks sex may suffer from insomnia. It is also directly related to an agitated nervous system, aggressive behavior during the day, and an acute lack of essential hormones.

Resource woman or girl with potential
Resource woman or girl with potential

It's no secret that after sex you fall asleep sweetly and pleasantly. All this is the action of magical hormones that the same regular sex gives. Therefore, if your loved one suffers from insomnia, try to relax her as much as possible before going to bed …

Dissatisfaction with yourself

Hormones and psychological causes are equally at play here. A woman "whom they do not want" ceases to feel happy and desirable. In the absence of regular sex, a woman ceases to like herself. Self-esteem falls. Pay attention if she is not happy with herself. Draw conclusions. Raise … her self-esteem!

So, if a woman lacks sex, either she will tell you herself, or you will have to guess about it from her behavior.

If a woman is doing well, her behavior is stable and standard. We do not take into account errors in mood once a month. Everything is clear here and without hidden meanings. But if something begins to happen that is not typical of her usual behavior, you should be wary.

Always remember to grasp the fine line between her threats and the real possibility that she will take any action.

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

Let me give you an example.

A woman often tells her man (husband) that she lacks his warmth and affection.

This happens to all couples.

Falling in love, a man gives her compliments, admiration, adoration. Gives flowers, gifts, carries in his arms. Several months pass. Hormones are on the decline. A happy life turns into a boring "routine".

Cool compliments that a girl can't resist
Cool compliments that a girl can't resist

The woman feels a changed attitude towards her. Gifts and flowers have become less common. Admiration and compliments too. She concludes that "he played around and that's it."

In fact, love cannot always be at its peak. It, like a living organism, grows, develops, matures and transforms. Deep mature love has nothing to do with bright and enchanting love.

Love and passion are inseparable. But this cannot go on indefinitely. We have already talked about this in our articles.

When these feelings pass, the woman sorely lacks the past adoration. She begins to demand him from the man.

Moreover, there is a category of women who will constantly strive to satisfy their need for adoration. If you do not take into account requests and desires, most likely there will be a boyfriend in her environment who will give it. Consider that the words and courtship of a man in love will turn her head. And she can make a choice not in your favor.

It's not uncommon for ideal husbands to be cuckolds. Why it happens? To a greater extent, this is due to the fact that, having created a family, a good man settles down. He provides for his wife and children.

Tired at work, he is no longer up to compliments and demonstrations of admiration for his wife. A woman wants to be admired constantly. Therefore, when a boyfriend appears next to her, she can easily switch to him.

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How can this be detected?

  • Nowadays, in the age of civilization and Internet technologies, it is worth paying attention to her phone. Everything is trite and simple. She will not let go of him.
  • At times brooding, at times elated, and at times tear-stained.
  • Sometimes your mere presence will annoy her wildly. She will not want sex with you either.

In this case, there is a high probability that she has another man.

However, women almost never commit adultery for the sake of betrayal. They don't need sex for sex.

In the female sense, sex is inextricably linked with love. And even being already strongly in love with another man, she will not agree to sleep with him for a long time.

But if she began to cheat on her husband with you, you should know that it is worth a lot. Most likely in her family there is so much mutual intimacy and warmth that their absence forced her to look for a way out on the side.

It is much easier to take a woman who has begun to cheat on her legal spouse from a family than to take a married man out of the family. Even if in his family "oh, how bad everything is already."

The fact is that for a man everything is much simpler. In his understanding, betrayal is not equal to love for another woman.

Despite the fact that a man can also fall in love very much, cheating on his legal wife, his external behavior will not be as radical as that of a woman.

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Relationship soured? What ruins a good relationship?
How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?


There is a special category of women whose behavior you cannot guess what they lack. You will not be able to prove your love to her in any way: neither money, nor sex, nor compliments. The only measure of love will be moral suffering. Your moral suffering.

She will constantly test your nervous system for strength. Arrange showdowns and scandals. And then - joyfully revel in your pain. Watching how you suffer, go crazy in separation, or regret a quarrel, she will deliberately add tragedy to your story.

Why is he doing this?

Psychological problems, childhood trauma. The complex of inferiority and "dislike".

It is very difficult for such a person to sincerely believe in your love. And she will constantly doubt. Doubt and check if you have fallen out of love with her …

To do this, she will arrange similar executions. Seeing your experiences, it will calm down and relax. If you have met such a woman, there is no point in developing a relationship with her.

Again, you cannot prove your love to her. She needs the help of a psychologist. Because a self-sufficient person will not do such things. Moreover, even very beautiful and successful women are sometimes true sadists.

A woman can be married and even have children, but she will still continue to look for a new victim for such pleasures and her own “self-realization”.

The conversation doesn't go well. What if the conversation is not going well?
The conversation doesn't go well. What if the conversation is not going well?

Observe and analyze her behavior.

If scandals arise out of the blue, if she is constantly unhappy with something and offers to break off the relationship, these are alarm bells. She tests you and measures your reaction. She needs emotions and suppression of you as a person.

If you are ready to put your life on the “family altar” and allow yourself to be bullied, this is your choice.

But more often than not, the stories of relationships with such women end in tears. For the instinct of self-preservation is inherent in every person. A man, unable to endure such tortures any longer, despite his love, leaves the sadistic woman.

Feeling that the victim, from which she was fed for a long time, escaped, the lady is trying with all her might to return it. Crying, persuading, humiliated. If you succumb to such persuasions, you will again find yourself in a trap. And everything will repeat itself from the beginning. So leave her alone. Keep your nervous system healthy.

What other ways to understand what your woman lacks?

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

3. Hints

Often a woman hints at what she lacks.

Imagine that you are walking in a mall. Pass by the fur shop. She drags you by the sleeve, come in to see. Moreover, she will not say directly that she needs a fur coat. But she may be too lively in front of you to clarify the details with the seller - the consultant. And then try on your favorite fur coat.

Admiring the reflection in the mirror, she will start spinning and admire how elegant and expensive she looks. Then he sighed heavily, and, slightly pursing his lips, carefully hand it over to the seller. Smooth the fur goodbye. And you will leave this salon with regret (with her, of course, regret).

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How to make a girl obedient? What to do with an eternally disgruntled girl?

The rest of the day she will be sad and brooding. Did you get the hint? She needs a fur coat!

Perhaps, at this stage in the development of relations, she still cannot ask for expensive gifts. Therefore, she hints tactfully and neatly.

Let's take another example.

The beloved woman comes home from her friend slightly upset and annoyed …

To your questions “what happened?” He answers coldly and with a signal. Then in the evening he can accidentally report that "Anka Seryoga will be lucky at sea!" Not the fact that the topic of conversation will continue. And the words were spoken in passing, as if by the way.

But if she goes to bed early (option - later), deliberately and demonstratively depriving you of sex, draw your own conclusions. She also wants to go to the sea! Or (most likely) he just wants "just like Anka's." This trait is inherent in almost all women. Apparently, it is "in the blood."

Let us now analyze how a woman can hint if she does not have enough money … Your money …

In general, this is an absolutely normal story. You love each other, sleep together, give each other gifts and … you give her money …

Some may indignantly object - "why should I give her money?" The girl offendedly retorts - "I'm sleeping with you!" Neither side is right.

Why? Because it is impossible to translate relations in the direction of everyday prostitution.

Man and woman interact with each other at the level of energies. Everyone shares what they are rich with. She gives you affection, care, comfort, sex. You give her sex, money and comfort. Mutually beneficial and “green” exchange.

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How to meet a girl and not be rejected

There is no freebie in nature. It should not be so - that "she is everything to you", but "you feel sorry for the money for her." Of course, everything is within reason.

It's one thing if she wants a new fur coat. Moreover, there are already three hanging in the closet, bought last year. And you can hardly stand when you crawl home from your second job at night. And it is completely different when you reproach for every penny.

There are two distinct facets. When she acts like a spender. And when you act like a cheapskate. It is necessary not to go too far in either case!

Analyze and draw appropriate conclusions, what exactly is lacking in your woman. Perhaps you yourself are not ready to give it to her. For some reason. It is possible that you do not consider this woman as a serious option at all.

How to understand what a woman is missing?
How to understand what a woman is missing?

Let's consider one of the main needs of a woman.

The need for marriage.

How to understand that a woman needs a "marriage"? If she can ask for attention, money, a fur coat in an ultimatum, then with marriage the situation is different.

Firstly, almost all women, with rare exceptions, dream of getting married. Marriage is like a trophy to which they strive until they get what they want.

A woman may or may not tell a man that she has long dreamed of marriage. Many are patiently waiting for this offer. They tolerate and wait. Then they start to hate. To hate for sleeping with him, creates life, coziness, comfort. And in return, only a consumer attitude.

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The final is different for everyone. Someone cohabits until the end of their days, and someone breaks off such a relationship. And he finds a partner who is ready to marry officially, and not "live in a civil marriage."This phrase is often used to justify both men (who do not want to marry) and women (whom they do not want to marry).

We summarize our topic "How to understand what a woman is missing?"

In order to understand a woman, you need to take a closer look and analyze your own and her behavior. You ask, what does your behavior have to do with it?

Remember that a woman is a reflection of her man. Only in skillful hands does it bloom like a beautiful flower (the category of sadists does not count).

Love and respect your companion. Listen to her desires and requests. And she will open her heart to you. Will give a world filled with love and care …

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