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How to impress a modern girl
How to impress a modern girl

Modern women have slightly different requirements for today's men. What masculine qualities make the most impression on women? How to impress girls?

The fair sex is not entirely satisfied with modern relations. It's not that modern men are bad or not good enough. Men do not attach importance to some important things that women care about. They would like to see certain qualities and traits in men.

How to impress a modern girl? To do this, you need to show qualities that other men do not possess. According to the survey, modern men should pay attention to the following things.

How to impress a modern girl

1. Self-irony

One of the most remarkable qualities of a person is self-irony. A person is not perfect and understands this. The ability to laugh at yourself captivates others. Don't take yourself and life in general seriously.


2. Ability to listen

In the modern world, few people can boast of the ability to listen to the interlocutor. This is especially true for men. God did not give us two ears and one mouth for nothing. You need to listen more and talk less.

3. Initiative

The offer to go for a walk, go to the movies or go to another city should not come from a woman. A man who takes the initiative in a relationship seeks more from a woman than an amorphous representative of the stronger sex. This also applies to sex.

How to make a girl run after you?
How to make a girl run after you?

4. Forgiveness

To be angry and offended for a long time is a sign of not an adult. An accomplished man quickly forgives and does not sulk over trifles. Be condescending to the weaker sex.

5. Help

A woman does not have to be asked to do every little thing she requests. A man is able to offer help on his own and without unnecessary reminders.

6. Ability to earn

In ancient times, the ability to hunt was valued. But now they hunt for money, not a mammoth. Learn to make money or die alone.

7. Hardness

Only weaklings can whine because of the complexities of life. It is she who is unfair to them, cruel and heartless. Strong men are harder and tougher than troubles. Steel eggs and solid character!

8. Perseverance

How confident are you in your abilities? Women are tired of seeing men deviating from their plans. If a man sees the goal, he does not retreat, does not give up, does not hang his nose and does not whine. He gets what he wants. Women surrender to the mercy of persistent guys. They meet with them, kiss and fuck.

Now you know that you are looking for the fair sex when you meet, but repetition is the mother of learning! Don't take yourself too seriously, listen to her chatter, take the initiative, say goodbye quickly, offer help, be firm and persistent. That's all. She's already yours. Do whatever you want with her and in any position …

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