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33 rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?
33 rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?

How to make a good impression, please the shipping team and communicate effectively? All people are attracted by cultured, polite and tidy people who know the rules of modern etiquette.

"Etiquette creates an atmosphere of universal respect, when everyone, at the cost of freedom and convenience, preserves his dignity." Anna Fedorovna Tyutcheva

Often it is bad upbringing and ignorance of etiquette that puts an end to a person's success. The modern world requires its own gentlemanly rules, where knowledge of the appropriate etiquette is important.

Good manners and proper manners will always allow you to look your best. Etiquette is a learning art that perfectly shows the level of development and culture of a person.

33 rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?

1. The first to greet the younger ones in age, position and status. Men are the first to greet women.

2. Men never carry women's bags. Henpecked people can.

3. The first to give a hand, for a handshake, is more senior in age or position. When you sit and give your hand, you should stand up. It is not customary to shake hands in the toilet.

4. The first man enters the elevator, and the last exits. Going down the stairs, the man goes in front, and going up behind the woman.

5. If you are talking on the phone, then you should move away from the company so as not to interfere.

6. Pointing a finger is not decent, as well as laughing or making noise.

7. In transport, give way to the elderly, children, pregnant women and women.

Imposing man
Imposing man

8. Clothes, shoes and you yourself must always be neat.

33 rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?
33 rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?

10. Asking questions about money, wages, religion and politics is not a good idea.

11. If your friend greets someone on the street, you should also greet him.

12. According to etiquette, a man should walk to the left of a girl. Although this rule can be broken.

13. Turn off your phone in theaters, movies and other similar places.

14. If during a conversation the connection is interrupted, the person who called before should call back.

15. In the theater or cinema, one should pass facing the already seated people.

16. You can switch to "you" at the initiative of a senior.

17. When meeting the first, they represent men, the younger and the last who came.

18. Always include the subject of your email to make it easier to understand what it is about.

19. Do not start eating at the table if the others have not yet received a dish.

20. Knocking on the door before entering is optional. It is enough to enter and ask permission. But don't stick your head out the door. This is ridiculous.

21. At the banquet, hold a glass in your left hand so as not to wet your right hand, which you will use to greet people.

22. Control your alcohol consumption. To be drunker than others is indecent. Better to be more sober than the rest.

23. Always hold on to the doors so that they do not knock on the following person.

Etiquette for men and good manners
Etiquette for men and good manners

24. Take out your headphones and take off your sunglasses when communicating.

25. Use eau de toilette, but in moderation.

26. Never come to visit without a call and without warning.

27. Smoking should only be done with the permission of those present.

28. Social media is not a place to show your personal life and sort things out.

29. Don't put your phone on the table during a meeting.

30. It is indecent to be late for meetings. Better leave early so as not to get trapped.

31. It is not proper to discuss other people loudly. No need to gossip and criticize. Keep other people's secrets, and do not blurt out to everyone.

32. When calling, ask if the person is busy and can speak.

33. Always follow the dress code of the event. You can look a little more elegant.

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