French Kiss
French Kiss

The ability to kiss in French is like the ability to flirt or get to know a girl, like no one teaches or talks about it, but it is necessary for personal life.

Acquaintance, flirting, first date, first kiss … this is how most romances usually develop. First, it is an innocent kiss when meeting and parting, then a real sensual kiss, then kisses are tender, hot, passionate, exciting, erotic, endless.

A kiss is not just an expression of feelings, it is an inexhaustible source of new pleasures that helps to establish a stronger bond between lovers.

A little history of the French kiss

A modern person perceives a kiss as something completely natural and unconditional, but the custom of kissing in the usual sense is not known in the traditional culture of many peoples of Africa, Asia, America and Australia. The Amazonian Indians would have been shocked by the frankness of the kiss on the lips. On the island of Bali, they still do not kiss, but only lightly touch their faces.

In Tahiti, they dance and rub their noses. Eskimos scratch their cheeks and touch each other with their tongues. African peoples consider kissing to be a violation of personal hygiene. The manifestation of feelings is expressed in them by a handshake. Men show their love by squeezing their lovers' thumb. And some people in Africa are prohibited from kissing for religious reasons. They believe that through a kiss you can take your soul away.

Despite this, the story of the kiss is as old as the world. Various erotic images that have come down to us from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece and, especially India, are replete with kisses in the most bizarre poses. The ancients believed that in this way they "breathe" into each other a particle of their loving soul.

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How to get a girl to bed?

In mythological terms, the kiss symbolizes the fusion of human souls. Plato's theory is very romantic. According to him, the person originally had the shape of a ball, four legs and four arms, connecting the male and female halves. But this creature was so arrogant that it incurred the wrath of Zeus and was divided in two. Only in a kiss do these parts reunite and find harmony.

There are many types of kissing. In the most famous book on the art of love, the Kama Sutra, mouth kisses are divided into several types. Simply kisses with lips are called NIMTA. Kissing with fingers - AVAGAKUMNBANA. Kisses with the use of the tongue - SAMAYANA. Kissing games - YUDHA.

We use one or another type of kiss depending on the specific situation and partner. However, according to statistics, one of the most common is the French kiss.

The term "French kiss" came into the Russian language as an element of French culture, which has always been considered the most closely related to the theme of love. The French kiss always implies the contact of the partners' languages. Sometimes both languages work, sometimes only one.

It is not necessary to constantly examine your partner's mouth with your tongue. During a kiss in French, the languages of the partners should touch each other at least once, for a split second. It is the scenes of the French kiss of the heroes of the film or the detailed description of such a kiss in the book that makes our heart beat faster and feel a little excitement.

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In addition, the French kiss lets us know if this partner is suitable for a serious relationship. And only a French kiss allows you to "feel" a partner - the sincerity of his relationship, the degree of arousal.

In France, this kiss is called "kiss of souls", thereby expressing the highest degree of unity of two loving hearts in a kiss. But all this does not mean that everyone should kiss only in French. Some people don't like French kissing at all.

Of course, this is a matter of taste, but you shouldn't give up on such a pleasant activity. Try again with another partner who can really bring out all the delights of this magical kiss for you. Everything has its time.

It is best to start with a variety of kisses with the lips, during which the mouth is slightly opened. When partners enjoy each other's tenderness, he can suck a little on her upper lip, while she bites his lower lip. When you have exhausted this pleasure, try to open your mouth harder and your tongue will automatically penetrate towards the other tongue.

If the girl does not answer yet and the partner does not feel her tongue, you should wait a little and try again after a while, switching to another kiss or kissing her neck, face, earlobe. When your tongues finally meet, don't be surprised if you feel the pressure rise, your palms become wet, and your heart pounds.

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Places to have sex

You will feel how your souls merge into one, while you play with her tongue with the tip of your tongue. There is no need to rush - everything is just beginning. There is already a full flight of your imagination!

In order for the kiss to turn out exciting and pleasant for both partners, the most important thing is to put your soul and love into it.

The French kissing technique is: penetrate her mouth, touch her tongue with your tongue, stroke it with the tip of your tongue from above and below, move your tongue over your teeth, gums, play with her tongue, quickly clicking the tip of your tongue on it. Start with light touches with the tip of your tongue, sometimes such a simple touch is great pleasure. And you can rub your tongues, suck and nibble on them … anything.

The tongue is the most mobile organ of the human body with many receptors, it can work wonders. The main thing here is ingenuity and surprise. The strength with which you "bite" into your partner's lips, movements and play of tongues depend on the degree of your closeness and the intensity of passions.

Leadership change with tongue games, alternating French kissing with other options - a series of hot kisses with closed lips, kisses with sucking and biting lips, vacuum kisses, playing with tongues without touching the lips … There are endless possibilities.

And if you add to this moaning, whispering tender or passionate words, other pleasant caresses, then the partners will get unforgettable feelings and themselves will not notice how naturally they will move to a completely new stage of the relationship. Don't forget about kissing while making love!

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What is BDSM in sex?

French kisses help to be even closer to each other, with a kiss you can make it clear what you would like now. So, sucking on the tongue of a partner, a woman can tell him the rhythm she needs. And exciting games with tongues will help you move on to other more intimate caresses.

Anything: run them along the back of your partner or partner, gently stroke your hair, run your fingers through your hair, run them gently across your face, take the chin and turn his face in a direction convenient for a kiss, hug his shoulders, wrap his arms around his neck, hold each other's hands.

Can any scent enhance the pleasure of a French kiss?

Of course. Before kissing, have iced tea or something else that tastes good, which your partner will taste when you start kissing in French. Then it will be her turn to have something to drink, so that you, too, feel a pleasant taste. You can experiment with different types of ice cream, it will give you a pleasant sensation of exciting freshness.

What not to do with a French kiss

* Too far stick your tongue. Some guys stretch their tongues so far as if they want to plug a broken dam. Girls often find this vulgar and unpleasant. Plus, it just makes it difficult to breathe!

* Allow too much salivation. Try to learn how to control the flow of saliva to keep your partner from choking. It is best to swallow your own saliva about once a minute during a French kiss.

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* Kiss like a hungry fish. Some are so eager to show their passion that they work with their mouths like a fish swallowing prey. It looks silly and can cause laughter or annoyance.

* Only obsess over French kisses. As wonderful as this kiss is, you cannot kiss only in French. Any couple can get tired of the constant kissing with their tongue.

Often a girl wants to hear gentle words and feel the tenderness and trepidation with which her chosen one treats her. And then it is better to give preference to a more chaste kiss with lips alone.

In any case, it is important to remember that the secret of success is diversity.

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