Loneliness and happiness
Loneliness and happiness

For certain periods of your life, you will be alone. How not to get bored at the same time, how to have fun and what are the advantages of a lonely bachelor life?

If a person should be lonely, let him really be lonely and not force his instincts and feelings with false closeness. Richard Aldington

Sometimes it’s hard to tell others that you’re all right, when you receive SMS only from the operator, and at night you sleep alone, but you don’t quite understand the strange situation in which you find yourself - this is loneliness.

Fall in love with loneliness and you will not be lonely - the truth says. You should use this moment of loneliness in your life to your advantage. Once you find your way, solve moral and other problems, you will have a relationship. In the meantime, you must entrust fate and taste all the delights and feel your unique position with every part of your soul.

Loneliness and privacy

Finally, you will have time to travel, start going to the gym, get carried away with mountaineering, photography or any other favorite activity. You can safely read books, play on the computer and hang out all night in the club.

Loneliness gives you time to reflect on yourself, to find strength, new talents, to open unexplored horizons of sensations. Loneliness will give you the opportunity to be in the peace and quiet that millions of married couples dream of.

Myths about men
Myths about men
Loneliness and happiness
Loneliness and happiness

The pros of being alone from famous people

• Being alone with your thoughts is a very dangerous activity … but very rewarding! Johnny Depp

• There is nothing better in the world than to love loneliness. Mastering the art of loneliness makes you strong, free and fearless. Boris Akunin

• It takes silent days to hear yourself. Indian wisdom

Loneliness can overwhelm you, but remember, you are not alone, you are alone! But do not think to get rid of loneliness with the first girl you meet, just not to be alone. So you can't get rid of loneliness. You will be alone together. Go your own way. It's easy to be lonely and happy!

Loneliness is valuable time, allowing you to adjust your landmarks and move on with renewed vigor. But man is not created and should not be alone. Without a soul mate, without a soul mate, it is much more boring and not so cool. But do not rack your brains with a question: "How to find a girl?" If not at this stage, it's okay, this time will come. This timeout is given to you in order to get stronger and find yourself. Your beloved girl will definitely appear like a crazy devil from a snuff-box when you stop obsessing about it, but for now, dedicate this unique moment of your life to yourself, the value of which you will understand only later …

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