Co-pilot rules
Co-pilot rules

It's not about airplanes or sports car racing. The unspoken rules of a partner, friend and co-pilot. Foundations and principles of male friendship.

- You are absolutely alone.

- One? Yes, around the crowd!

- Life is better with company. Everyone needs a co-pilot.

The film "Up in the sky"

Even if you do not participate in the Paris-Dakar rally and do not fly a two-seater plane, you need a co-pilot. The co-pilot is your partner and friend. This is the person you can easily call your best friend, brother, or just bro. He got into trouble with you more than once and was happy at the moments of takeoff. He is your shadow and right hand. This is your co-pilot.

Life is not mathematics, but the rules make it easier to understand the essence of male friendship.

Co-pilot rules

The co-pilot always answers phone calls and messages from his partner.

The co-pilot embellishes the place of work and the moral qualities of the friend in front of the girls.

The co-pilot helps with the move, choosing a car and other friendly chores, if this is not entirely a burden.

The co-pilot is always ready to take part in the upcoming scuffle on the side of the partner, even if he is wrong.

Co-pilot rules
Co-pilot rules

The co-pilot plays along with his partner in picking up girls and supports his story line.

The co-pilot does not start competing and does not try to take the girl away from a friend.

What is male happiness?
What is male happiness?

The co-pilot takes on the girl's scary girlfriend if the friend likes the cute girlfriend.

Co-pilot rules
Co-pilot rules

The co-pilot never speaks badly about his partner and his friends in public.

The co-pilot only criticizes his partner in private.

The co-pilot protects his partner from reckless actions.

The co-pilot shares what his partner really needs.

The co-pilot himself offers help to the first and does not wait for a request.

The co-pilot gives advice to a friend even when he is not asked.

The co-pilot speaks the truth in the face.

The co-pilot always keeps promises.

The co-pilot does not forget his partner if he has new friends.

The co-pilot respects the interests and desires of the partner.

The co-pilot doesn't question friendship.

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