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Grown man
Grown man

Don't you have a girlfriend? To meet the girl of your dreams, you need to be ready for this, otherwise nothing will come of it. A good man and a good woman must first take place as individuals, and only then meet together.

We often talk about how to pick up a girl and have sex with her. But at one point you will get tired of doing it. In addition to sex, you want real warmth, affection, tenderness and love. No, it will not be alcoholic frenzy, seasonal depression or old age. It will be growing up. To meet the girl of your dreams, you need to be ready for it. If you are not ready physically and mentally for it, you will not grow together. Again there will be quarrels, partings or betrayal. But you hardly want that.

Grown man

1. Lack of idealism

There are no perfect people. Minor quirks, flaws, and flaws can ruin even the most ideal relationships in perfectionists. Why not the necessary tension in the relationship? The ability to forgive and not pay attention to minor flaws is not given to everyone. But it's worth striving for. Fuck ideal people, you and I are not like that.

2. Taming selfishness

Love yourself and the whole world will adore you? It is nonsense. The world asks for reciprocity. The willingness to sacrifice your interests and take care of your significant other is very important. In films, we often see moving to other cities, lifestyle changes and other compromises of lovers. This is done for the other person and because of the power of love. Is it different in real life? No. It may not be so beautiful, but many of the stories from the films have a real basis. Tame your selfishness and find opportunities for compromise.

good must be with fists
good must be with fists

3. Ability to communicate

We walk by the hand, go to the movies, dine in restaurants, kiss and have sex. But we forget about the importance of communication. No one can read minds and should not be expected to do so from a partner. Speak openly and honestly to facilitate understanding. Many men and women have not learned to communicate, and especially to hear each other.

4. Break with the past

Are you out of touch with the past? Former girlfriends no longer live in heart and bed? Hearts darned, and lessons learned? Once the past fades into the background, you are ready for new acquaintances and relationships.

5. Self-sufficiency and happiness

If you are unhappy on your own, you will not be happy in a relationship. Happiness comes from within a person, not with the arrival of someone. If you look for a relationship out of loneliness, then you will find yourself next to the first person you meet. Know how to enjoy life, only then the appearance of love will make couples happy.

When a grown man and an adult woman meet together, they will be fine. If someone is not mature enough, then everything will go down the drain. Grow up and finding the girl of your dreams will not be so difficult.

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