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Not a gentleman's rules
Not a gentleman's rules

Do you still ask girls on dates, court them, give gifts and try to seduce them? Hang up with this gentleman, bro. I am not kidding.

Women convince men that we are preoccupied males. But this is not us walking down the street, showing our breasts and ass. We do not look like the representatives of the ancient profession in the nightclubs. We are not talking and acting hinting at the possibility of sex. We do not post erotic photos on social networks. We are not demonstrating a desire to receive sexual attention at any cost. Are men still the sexiest sex after that?

By their behavior, women wake up a male in a man, but then demand gentlemanly treatment. It's easier to control a man, putting pressure on his pride and nobility. As soon as you start to play the noble knight - write wasted. Getting a woman and sex will be incredibly difficult. You will have to pass tests, seek favors and fulfill whims. Don't get involved in these gentlemanly games, bro, where you obviously have no trump cards in your hands. Play not by the rules of morality and gentleness, but by your own masculine.

"A gentleman is a man who, inviting a girl to his home to look at the engravings, shows her the engravings," said Evan Ezar. But what kind of gentleman is he? This is a weakling or impotent. Show her not an engraving, but how good you are in bed.

Not a gentleman's rules

1. Not a gentleman makes eye contact

Confident eye contact is important in non-verbal communication. When meeting and communicating, look a girl in the eyes, even if it seems not very decent. Many men rarely look into the beautiful eyes of women, which convey their insecurity, fears and stiffness. Don't look left, right, or higher. In the most self-confident manner, look into the depths of her eyes.

Life is a fight
Life is a fight

2. Not a gentleman has a rude voice

A high-pitched voice and hesitation is a bad thing. The voice is good when it is deep, velvety and rough. Record your voice on a voice recorder, and then listen. You will be very surprised at your sound. Now start correcting your voice. Talk to the girl confidently and calmly, as if you have fucked her already.

3. No gentleman does not apologize

Never back down or apologize for anything. As soon as you start admitting that you are wrong, you will have big problems. You lose her respect and miss the opportunity to prove yourself. If you said something, then stand your ground, despite the criticism. This is called a point of view.

4. Not a gentleman is honest in desires

Most women are not ready for simple, cocky, and straightforward honesty. Although they want, they are afraid to hear the desires of a man. No gentleman walks around and around. He declares his sexual appetites and his right to use a woman's body.

Not a gentleman's rules
Not a gentleman's rules

5. Not a gentleman is not good

Why does a man start to like a woman? Because they are cute and nice. Why does he stop being cute very quickly? Because they are cute and nice. Such people are boring. No gentleman pleases a woman. He does not pay all the bills and whims of the woman. He is not her father, mother, or sponsor. Not a gentleman does not embody all women's desires into reality, he realizes his plans.

21 plus loneliness and single life
21 plus loneliness and single life

6. No gentleman tries to please

Stop trying to "impress" a woman with your exploits. Don't play nice guy and gentleman if you are not. Girls do not like assholes, but they even less like suckers who please them in everything. Be yourself.

7. Not a gentleman is not afraid of rejection

You can never please all the girls you meet, much less drag them into bed. They can refuse or show negativity. You cannot prevent it. But no gentleman is afraid when a woman gives him a lapel. He does not need to save face and worry about this. A quick failure saves tons of time and money. This prevents nose driving and use by a woman. Better to get rejected quickly than after a month of manipulation.

8. Not a gentleman resistant to criticism

Be prepared for criticism, reproaches, and negative responses. Use humor as a shield and irony as a weapon.

An excerpt from the novel "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell:

“Sir, you are not a gentleman,” she snapped.

“A very subtle observation,” he remarked cheerfully. “Just like you, miss, not a lady.

9. Not a gentleman is provocative

Use irony and humor in your communication. Be sexually provocative. Not only make the girl laugh, but also make fun of her. Keep compliments to a minimum. A large amount of flattery, idle chatter, confessions of sympathy and routine repels the girl.

Resolve issues by force
Resolve issues by force
Not a gentleman's rules
Not a gentleman's rules

10. Not a gentleman wants sex

Your goal is sex, and she has a relationship. Don't confuse gender roles. Focus on showing the woman that you want to fuck. In reality, most relationships between a man and a woman are just prolonged casual sex. Perhaps she will be your next girlfriend or even your wife. But not today. Today you will have sex with her.

Do you still ask girls on dates, court them, give gifts and try to seduce them? Hang up with this gentleman, bro. I am not kidding. Don't play silly gentlemanly games. They have become extinct long ago. Don't be a gentleman. Be cocky, provocative and sexy.

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