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Be narcissistic
Be narcissistic

You may be the most amazing person in the world, but society will call you a gray mass or a narcissistic narcissist. If you want to be successful and happy - love yourself! Be narcissistic and spit on the jealous losers.

“I am handsome, I am strong, I am smart, I am kind. And I discovered it all myself”Stanislav Jerzy Lec

Society forces you not to love yourself and be like everyone else: you are a gray mass, you are one of the billions, you are nobody. We are told from childhood that being narcissistic is bad. Otherwise, everyone will call you a narcissistic narcissist. Can't love yourself? What nonsense. You're the only one who knows yourself well enough. You know what you're worth, but why should you be ashamed of it?

You can deny your strengths and good qualities for a long time, but you will be unhappy. Accept that you are better than others in something. You are smarter, prettier, kinder or stronger. You probably have such character traits that others have never dreamed of. You are better than the rest! Don't be afraid to admit it to yourself.

"He who is in love with himself has no rivals" Mark Tullius Cicero

Narcissistic people have tremendous advantages.

Be narcissistic

1. Narcissists believe in themselves

Every narcissist will trust in his strength and ability to complete any task. He will overcome obstacles and reach the goal no matter what. Narcissists are easier to cope with difficulties, learn from mistakes, and always go forward. They believe only in themselves and know that everything in this world depends solely on their perseverance and desires.

What does a teenager need to know? What does an adult need to know?
What does a teenager need to know? What does an adult need to know?

2. Narcissists live by hobbies and goals

Narcissists choose their own path, rather than follow strangers. They burn with their talents, hobbies and passions. They devote their lives to fulfilling not other people's dreams, but their own. Narcissists are not witnesses to life, but active participants. They have their own goals, dreams and plans. Narcissists know they deserve more.

Be narcissistic
Be narcissistic

3. Narcissists think they are good

Criticism and failure can undermine the self-esteem of anyone, but not the narcissist. He knows he's good enough. The narcissist is oblivious to distractions and listens to his inner voice. He is not afraid to be alone and not like everyone else. He does not need to disguise himself as a gray mass.

4. Narcissists take responsibility

When something not very good happens, the narcissist will not look to blame. He understands that it is pointless to point a finger at the circumstances of those around him and blame everything on the forces from above. The only one to blame is the one whom he sees every day in the mirror. What to do? Next time, you should calculate and develop a plan more carefully. Everything depends on you. But narcissists do not blame themselves for a long time, they already have new ideas and plans.

5. Narcissists have their own standards

Narcissists live in their own world of standards and are constantly trying to become even better. They do not allow themselves to be manipulated by other people's templates. They will not do like everyone else for fear of standing out from the crowd. They will not tolerate humiliation of their dignity. They will not be friends, love and sleep with just anyone. They know their worth and those around them.

Resolve issues by force
Resolve issues by force

If you want to be successful and happy - love yourself! Be narcissistic and spit on the jealous losers. If the creator didn't want you to be proud of yourself, why did he create you that way? This is not arrogance. You are really good.

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