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How to look in the eyes
How to look in the eyes

With a glance, you can stop opponents and conquer women's hearts. How to look your opponent in the eye and defeat him correctly? How to charm beautiful girls with a look? Secrets of eye contact that no one told you.

How to look an enemy or an opponent in the eye?

The best fight is the one that didn't take place. The ability to look into the eyes of the interlocutor will help to break his will and subjugate him without a fight. This is useful in confrontation, conflict situations, or important negotiations.

According to research, two random people look at each other until they feel uncomfortable for 3-4 seconds. Looking further causes awkwardness and people look away.

When two opponents, rival or foe, meet, a tacit competition begins in the tenacity of eye contact. Both opponents stare at each other for as long as possible.

To look piercing and dangerous, you should look at the bridge of the person's nose. This will make him feel extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable.

To convince a person that he is right, it is recommended to look at his right eye. The right eye is controlled by the left side of the brain, which is responsible for logic.

How to look a girl in the eye?

The fair sex does not need to be intimidated or morally suppressed. They need to be seduced. Look the girl in the eyes more often, this will speed up the time of rapprochement in a relationship. Try to smile with your girlfriend for extended periods of time, as this will make you look more friendly.

The principle of unscrupulousness. All strong unprincipled and weak moralists
The principle of unscrupulousness. All strong unprincipled and weak moralists

The girl does not need to look at the bridge of her nose. Look at her left eye, affecting her creative and emotional part of her right brain. Such an elusive gaze will help you embarrass, cause laughter or emotional hesitation in the girl.

How to train your gaze?

To train your gaze, draw a circle about a centimeter in diameter and hang it on the wall. Now look at him, trying to blink her. You can hang two circles and look at the imaginary bridge of the nose between them, and then the left and right eyes.

For training in almost "combat conditions" you can look at passers-by without looking away. This will be a good warm-up before an important "fight" of the eyes.

Now you have figured out how to make eye contact in order to achieve your goal.

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