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Male secrets
Male secrets

Male secrets, which are not a secret for the stronger sex, but are a secret for women. What do men hide from their girlfriends and don't want their girls to know? Men's secrets are simple, but we don't want to tell our girlfriend about them. What are we hiding from our girls? You're not alone, bro!

Male secrets

• Men can't help but look at other women on the street.

• Men have other emotions besides lust and anger.

• Men watch porn. All polls.

• Men do not always think about sex and want it.

• Men like it when a girlfriend is not talking to him. Punishment by "silence" allows you not to listen to her chatter and think about deeds.

• A man is not always where he said. A “gym, traffic jam,” or “work late” can be a bar. And the "bar" itself can be a strip bar.

• We are vulgar and vulgar when alone with friends. We, like Donald Trump, tell you that you have to "grab the pussy." Tits, chicks and asses are also in our vocabulary.

• Sometimes I like to sleep on the couch in the living room, rather than in bed with a girlfriend. It's like a vacation or a vacation in nature.

• When a man fucks his girlfriends, he sometimes thinks about other girls.

Better to be aggressive. How to get aggressive?
Better to be aggressive. How to get aggressive?

• Sometimes men cry when alone and no one is seeing.

• Piss in the shower? Of course!

• When a man is wearing dark glasses, he looks at the boobs of all the girls who go to the meeting.

• A man does not always miss you, and sometimes even glad you are absent.

• Your sister is hot.

• Women's tears do not always make you want to regret. Sometimes they cause a sense of satisfaction.

• I love you, but if you get fat, then I'm not sure if I want sex with a fat woman.

• I don't want to hear anything about other guys. I want to kick the girl out of the car if she starts talking about male friends or exes.

• Men fantasize about other women, not necessarily cheating, but thinking about them.

• Do not ask where the water is on the bathroom floor. We wash our cock and balls in the sink.

• Bros are more important than women, and even more so whores.

• Sometimes we put up with female shitty behavior just because we love having sex with a girl.

Male secrets
Male secrets

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