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Tips for Winners
Tips for Winners

Let's go without words from the series "the main thing is not victory, but participation." These are the words of losers who were defeated by the stronger. Tips for those who want to stand in a row of winners, and not others who just took part in life.

"Winners Don't Believe in Chance" Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Victory does not come to everyone. How to succeed and be a winner in life?

Tips for Winners

The winner goes all out 120%

A Japanese proverb says: "Victory goes to the one who endures half an hour more than his opponent." The best specialists and pros at work are those who do a little more than necessary. This applies to sports, business, career and any field of activity. The winner gives all the best 120%. This gives an advantage in seconds in the sport at the finish line. The pro has great competence at work and getting a position. A businessman bypasses competitors due to greater attention to detail. Don't be afraid to do a little more than is necessary. This is great.

Winner's swiftness

The winner does not expect ideal conditions, but acts. Especially when you are young, you can assume that you have enough time. In reality, there will always be a shortage of time, and you will not be in time. Try to figure out what you want as soon as possible. And then immediately start realizing your dream. Vigorous implementation of a plan, albeit not the most successful, is better than a long study of the ideal option.

This is not my war
This is not my war

Winner's Athletic Lifestyle

All business trainings do not unreasonably recommend that their clients go in for sports. Going to the gym, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle will give you an edge over those around you who don't. You don't have to pump up to the incredible size of the Hulk, the load on the body itself is important. This will allow you to keep fit for many decades and be as effective as possible. All winners are passionate about sports.

Winner's environment

The easiest way to succeed is to immerse yourself in the circle of successful like-minded people. Surround yourself with amazing and talented people. Reach out to people who are better and more successful than you. So you will grow, and not waste away surrounded by stupid and not ambitious people.

Winner losses

There is no victory without loss. You always have to sacrifice something. It can be time, health, nerves, family and other things. This does not mean sacrificing what is most valuable. Success simply comes to those people who are willing to pay the price for it in full.

Take a chance and don't give up

Take risks if necessary. To win, it is not enough to sit in a warm corner; you have to leave your comfort zone. The only thing that wins is that he has conquered himself, his laziness, his fears, his doubts. Who decided to be the first despite the obstacles. The temptation to give up is always strong before winning.

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