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40 rules of a real guy
40 rules of a real guy

Many modern representatives of the stronger sex do not look like men. They sag in any wind, they cannot be relied on and they are definitely unworthy of the title of a man. But everyone can become a real man.

A couple of tips to help you find your way.

40 rules of a real guy

1. Open your eyes to reality and perceive the world as it is.

2. Say no to laziness, procrastination and useless pursuits.

3. You yourself are responsible for the beauty, condition and physical shape of your body.

4. Always think through life and your plans a few steps ahead.

5. Stop watching porn, playing computer toys and surfing social media.

6. Choose a good and worthwhile girlfriend with whom you will be happy.

40 rules of a real guy
40 rules of a real guy

7. Nobody owes you anything, fight for your own happiness.

8. The world is unfair, but only weaklings complain about it.

9. Don't ask for respect, but respect yourself.

10. Do not compare yourself with others, but compare yourself today with yesterday.

11. Think twice before saying anything. Better keep silent.

12. Maintain high testosterone levels.

13. Be independent, like all great people.

14. Work every day.

15. Read more and educate yourself.

16. Say no to bad habits and do not drink alcohol regularly.

How to get bad?
How to get bad?

17. Create your own style and look after your appearance.

40 rules of a real guy
40 rules of a real guy

18. Learn to fight, be able to stand up for yourself, your companion and friends.

19. Stop complaining, whining, suffering.

20. Make enough money, you want it.

21. Shake hands firmly.

22. Learn from the best and strongest.

23. Call your parents every week and don't forget your loved ones.

24. Never give up or lose heart.

25. Always look and orient yourself towards the future.

26. Demand more success from yourself than you have.

27. Learn to shave. Wherever required.

28. Believe in yourself, but doubt others.

29. Control emotions and situations.

30. Play sports and exercise every day.

40 rules of a real guy
40 rules of a real guy

31. Choose among those people who are better than you.

32. Always keep your word. It costs a lot.

33. Realize your ego and do not be ashamed of it.

34. Smile, laugh and be positive more often.

35. Use your sexual energy and don't be afraid of girls.

36. Learn to defend yourself against moral pressure and do not let people offend you.

37. Always be bold, confident and decisive.

40 rules of a real guy
40 rules of a real guy

38. Don't make decisions that you will be ashamed of later.

39. Enjoy every day. You don't know which one will be the last.

40. Think about what will remain after you and what you gave to this world.

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