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How to make friends and strengthen friendships
How to make friends and strengthen friendships

Any friendship requires constant attention to your friends. Otherwise, the friendship weakens, and you move away and become more strangers. How to maintain relationships with friends, how to strengthen communication, and how to be friends with friends? How much time do you devote to work, girlfriend, hobbies, leisure, TV and computer? But how much do you spend on friends? It's time to think about it.

Sometimes we forget about friends, and remember them when they are already moving away. Even true friendship requires work and attention. How can you make friendships and maintain relationships with your close friends? A few simple tips for companionship.

How to make friends and strengthen friendships

• Congratulate your friends on their birthday and other significant dates.

• Send your friends messages, jokes, pictures.

• Call your friends periodically.

• Take an interest in the affairs of friends, personal life, health and loved ones.

• Support friends, praise and compliment.

• Keep your friends' secrets and don't talk about strangers.

• Meet with friends regularly on weekends, weekdays or holidays.

• Go with friends to the gym, football, sauna, ride a bike.

• Take photos with your friends.

• Write on social networks and like.

• Try to agree to the offers of friends to take a walk, otherwise they will stop calling.

How to find friends when you are an adult?
How to find friends when you are an adult?

• Offer help and support to friends in difficult times.

• Invite your friends to visit and go to them yourself.

• Apologize to your friends if you are late or let them down.

• Help your friends in different things.

• Maintain conversations about what your friends are interested in and what they are passionate about.

• Try to improve the personal life of friends and help to get to know each other.

• Open up to your friends mentally and try to be sincere.

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