I'm selfish and I feel great
I'm selfish and I feel great

A lot of people think I'm good, but don't try to sit on my neck yet. I'm not the kind-hearted guy who will allow himself to be hurt, manipulated, or used.

When most people meet me, they will think that I am a good person. I am a wonderful son, acquaintance, comrade, colleague and friend. If our interests do not intersect, and you do not cross the line, then all your life you will consider me a good and pleasant person. But as soon as people start to compete with me or try to use me, they immediately feel sorry for everyone and start calling me an asshole behind my back.

The thing is that I am selfish. I'm not the kind guy who will let you go ahead in the line. I am the one who will besiege you and even throw you out of the store by the scruff of the neck, if necessary.

At work, I will not take on your responsibilities and do your job. Even if you thank me or make your eyes. You can call me selfish behind my back.

I do not fulfill the requests of other people that are not in my interests. Why did you decide that I should solve your problems and difficulties? People will call me selfish for not letting me sit on my neck and waste my time thoughtlessly.

How to be really strong? It's time to rebel
How to be really strong? It's time to rebel

At the rudeness in transport, I will not look offended and fearfully endure insults. I can easily respond to rudeness with great rudeness, obscenities and even force. What did you think you could insult me with impunity?

Aggression in my direction will pour out even more from my side. I am a supporter of justice, retribution and revenge. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

It's not easy for girls with me. I don’t run after them, I don’t fulfill their whims, I don’t try to appease them, and I ignore unfounded offenses. I am difficult to manipulate and command. To which the girls often called me an egoist, although I only defended my rights.

Why does the whole world think that I should yield to them, serve and give them a way? I have my own interests, which I consider more important, for which you consider me an egoist.

I am selfish and I feel great.

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