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How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?
How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?

Each of us has come across people who can be safely called assholes. Who like to run over for no reason, be rude, criticize, arrange conflicts and have an incredible sense of their own importance. How to talk to assholes on the street and at work? How beautiful is it to respond to insults?

Who is an asshole? This is a person with a huge ego, an inflated sense of self-importance (PSV) and a desire to be the best, at the expense of humiliating others. Assholes have high self-esteem, which is not supported by anything. But deep down, assholes know they're not good enough. Overconfident assholes have a clear inferiority complex that they got in childhood or later.

Overconfident assholes are found on the street, at work, in business, in crime, among the stars and in politics. After watching TV, which some individuals allow themselves, you can immediately diagnose assholes. These are various conflicts, demonstrative throwing of money, participation in fights, violation of the law and self-affirmation in other antisocial ways.

How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?
How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?

How to talk to assholes on the street, in transport or in a bar?

Surely you have met people who are a mixture of an asshole with cattle. They push, threaten for no reason and are rude from scratch. In total, there are two strategies for confronting assholes. Psychophysiologist Walter Cannon identified two human responses to danger: "fight or flight."

The myth of a real man
The myth of a real man

When meeting an asshole, you should compare your capabilities and an asshole. What will happen when the conflict grows? If you are bullied in a bar, transport or on the street, you can send him on a walking trip, threatening to give him a scoreboard. There are also original and funny phrases for responding to rudeness (see below).

But what if you are not an athlete, but an asshole in the company of other assholes? The assholes live according to the principles of the pack. They like to prove their perceived advantage by insulting, beating or robbing the weaker ones. Strength, in this case, is achieved through the number of assholes.

You don't have to argue with assholes. If you are stronger, then you send it or hit in the face. If the crowd is weaker or assholes, then you just leave. There are no other options and no need to look for problems from scratch. Hit or run!

What is the cowardice of assholes? If you meet a crowd of assholes on the street, then they are ready to kick you without talking or pity. But if they are then caught by the police, they will cry, whine pitifully, crawl on their knees and ask not to punish them.

How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?
How to talk to assholes? How to respond to rude insults?

How to talk to assholes at work and in business?

Assholes at work are more disgusting personalities, because they have to deal with them almost every day. Assholes often act on the sly, using dastardly tricks, gossip, slander and surprise stabs in the back.

What fears haunt men and how to avoid them?
What fears haunt men and how to avoid them?

Assholes at work can be exposed and put them in a bad position. With an asshole it is better to use his methods. You can start intrigue, gossip yourself or substitute in response. You can report to the boss, but if the asshole is the boss himself, then this opportunity is absent. In the event of years of pressure and terror, it would be better to change jobs for a better one. You've wanted this for a long time.

Assholes cannot be changed, but they can be avoided and ignored. Then the asshole will be more difficult to get you. If the asshole brought you out of emotional peace and made you angry, then you lost. If you took the insults personally, you lost. Be above the asshole and he will lose.

How to respond to insults to an asshole?

Most of the conflicts with assholes will take place on an intellectual plane. Often assholes are females and you can't shut your mouth physically. In this case, the best way out is not a fight, but a beautiful and witty insult in return.

You should respond instantly, beautifully and effectively, and most importantly with a smile. It is like a quick dagger stab into the rotten heart of a villain. The most common method is to simply return the asshole's words and insults. But sometimes you can add something from yourself or say a prepared phrase in response to insults.

Examples of phrases for responding to rudeness and rude insults:

  1. Are you always so dumb or is the aggravation today?
  2. I would fight you in an intellectual duel, but you are unarmed.
  3. You can shove your opinion back into your ass where you got it from.
  4. Let's agree that you are a wretched asshole offended by life.
  5. I would have sent you, then I see you have already come from there.
  6. With such a mind and appearance, you will have a hard time.
  7. Is it an open day in the madhouse and the freak circus today?
  8. You better not smile with such crooked and carious teeth.
  9. I see nature has already greatly offended you and punished you, poor man.
  10. If you look awful, it does not mean that you need to behave the same way.
  11. Make this world a better place - disappear.
  12. You have such a natural, green with an admixture of shit, complexion.
  13. Close your mitten, your mouth stinks.
  14. Don't be so tense, no one cares about you.
  15. Was the cage at the zoo in hyenas and jackals open?
  16. I'm allergic to whores, rednecks and poor, get away.
  17. I don't talk to the past, assholes and shit. Get out of here.
  18. Why are there so many morons and clowns in a public place?
  19. I'm not a dentist, so shut your mouth before your teeth fall out.
  20. No need to demonstrate to others the lack of brains and upbringing.
What men don't talk about?
What men don't talk about?

How to talk to assholes? There are only two options: fight or flight! Save the article, the world is too full of assholes not to be useful to you.

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