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What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry
What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry

Male problems that are not at all familiar to women. Girls love to brainwash through social networks and the media that life is hard for them. But many men face problems and difficulties that are completely alien to women. What's the most annoying thing about being a man? What makes men angry the most?

Often women say that this is the world of men, and they are brutally oppressed. But male privilege is nothing more than a myth. 85% of homeless people are men. 80% of murder victims are men. 92% of industrial accidents are men. 82% of victims of occupational diseases are men. Men are more likely to be convicted of similar crimes than women. But these are only flowers.

We asked the men to share what annoys and angers them the most in this world. Male problems that are not at all familiar to women. But you shouldn't take this as a complaint, it's just that all men experience similar problems.

What do men not talk about and what makes them angry?

1. Everything in your life is competition, from career to girls.

2. The need to take the first step in dating and relationships is annoying.

3. Feminists and news. Your brains are constantly hovering that you are oppressing someone there.

4. Constantly pay for a girl and all her whims, like you are a millionaire.

Courage is a quality of the strong
Courage is a quality of the strong

5. High expectations from parents, society and the other half, which put pressure on you.

6. You constantly have to correct your "friend" who is uncomfortable in his trousers.

7. Girls will expect gifts from you, but most likely they will not give anything.

8. Very often you need to shave, but you are still prickly for a girl.

9. You automatically stare at all the girls' tits and asses. It's instinct.

10. You are horny and constantly want sex 24 hours a day, what are you looking for a girl to plant.

11. You constantly have to prove something to someone, especially that you are a real man.

12. Girls give foam, socks and other nonsense, but try to give this shit to her.

13. In the toilet it is sometimes difficult to get where you planned.

14. The girl is angry - the guy apologizes. The guy is angry - the guy apologizes.

15. Terrible pain from being hit in the balls.

16. When it gets hot, your ping-pong balls stick to your body.

17. If a girl walks in front of the road, she thinks of you as a potential rapist.

18. Girls will often refuse you when you take the first step.

19. Do you have depression, problems, difficulties? Nobody will regret it. You are man.

What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry
What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry

21. All women think that you think only with your member.

What should a man be able to do?
What should a man be able to do?

22. Compliments will not be enough for you, although you will say many times more of them.

23. If you play games after 20 years, then you are considered not old enough yet.

24. Most likely you will encounter baldness very early. This is annoying.

25. A member gets up at the most inopportune moment and does not get up at the right time.

26. If a girl said that you raped her or offended her, then you are automatically a criminal.

27. To look beautiful a man needs to swing. Girls don't eat a lot.

28. When you are young, girls avoid you. When you grow up, they lash out on their own.

29. Girls often hope that you will do many things for them, as if they are helpless.

30. You cannot cry or worry, because you are a real man.

31. You cannot defend against an attacking woman, so as not to be branded as a rude person.

32. Double standards. Girls get away with things that make men go to jail.

33. In case of divorce, the wife will receive children and an apartment, and you will get nothing.

34. Girls are allowed to be emotional, and men should be held back.

35. All girls want tall guys for themselves, although they themselves are two inches from the pot.

36. Some women try to control and manipulate a man.

37. If you do not want to marry a girl, then you have not matured yet.

38. Men are obliged to serve in the army, otherwise you are not a man.

What should a real man be like?
What should a real man be like?

39. You are afraid to seem like a pedophile when you talk to people younger than you.

40. You have to be brave and go check what strange sounds or hooligans are there.

41. Girls get more likes on photos and followings on YouTube.

42. Women are always better treated. And sexism towards men is hushed up.

43. In dating apps, girls choose men, not vice versa.

44. If your penis is not huge, you will always be ashamed of your size.

45. February 23 is not a holiday, even if you served, but March 8 is a very big holiday. The women do not even consider it necessary to congratulate you, but they are waiting for gifts on March 8th.

46. February 14 is a holiday for girls, when men have to go out of their way.

47. A very vindictive woman can ruin her life with unfounded accusations.

48. Girls love to tease men about a small penis. Men are silent when there is a "bucket".

49. Sales, business, economics. Many companies only hire women. For peasants, only hard work.

50. Since you are a man, you must be a mechanic, electrician, plumber, auto mechanic.

51. At first you are not courageous enough, and then too rude and aggressive.

What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry
What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry

53. A man will retire much later and die earlier.

54. You should always be a free loader, even for outside women.

The myth of a real man
The myth of a real man

55. Everyone expects you to be strong, successful and not subject to anything.

This is what men are silent about. Equality? Hammer. We are men.

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