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111 goals a man should achieve
111 goals a man should achieve

What makes a man a man? What should be done in life and what to try? Traveling, extreme sports, seducing girls, self-realization? A list of goals that will leave the brightest mark in your memory.

“Do what you really want to do. Don't play their games. When they want you to race to the right, blow at the highest speed to the left! Don't do what others want. Find your own path. " Johnny Depp

The brightest moments, events and goals in your male life

1. Competition in races. It can be marathon, rally, bike or motorcycle.

2. Donate money to a good cause or charity.

3. Learn a second language and speak it fluently.

4. Get into a good fight.

5. Ask for a promotion or salary.

6. Scuba dive.

7. Travel far away for a unique experience.

8. Keep a diary and write down your life in it.

9. Realize yourself in your professional field.

10. Throw a cool mega party.

11. Go hiking for many days.

12. Find a couple of good friends.

13. Learn to cook and find your signature dish.

14. Turn off mobile phones and internet for a week.

33 tips from you from the future
33 tips from you from the future

15. Have sex on the beach.

111 goals a man should achieve
111 goals a man should achieve

17. Build yourself an athletic and beautiful body with abs cubes.

18. Change style and wardrobe.

19. Learn to ride a bike, skateboard, motorcycle and car.

20. Try different sex positions and experiments.

21. Goes blind on a date.

22. Intercede for someone weaker.

23. Visit the nude beach.

24. Learn to dance at least a little.

25. Go on a sea voyage on a cruise ship.

26. Participate in famous carnivals from all over the world.

27. Attend a beer festival.

28. Get an autograph from a star and attend a concert of your idol.

29. Celebrate the New Year in an exotic location.

30. Make a family tree.

31. Go hunting and kill an animal.

32. Get a tattoo or try a temporary sticker.

33. Create your own business.

34. Go surfing.

35. Find your fragrance and eau de toilette.

36. Buy a cool and expensive watch.

37. Learn to apologize and say no.

38. Become a blood donor.

39. Forgive all enemies and leave them in the past.

40. Play a prank on your friends.

41. Go down the mountain on skis or snowboard.

42. Sing in public.

43. Study the art of pain.

44. Ride a boat or yacht.

45. Learn to play different musical instruments.

46. See the northern lights, solar eclipse and starfall.

Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?
Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?

47. Taste exotic dishes.

48. Quit your unloved job.

49. Volunteer.

50. Jump with a parachute.

51. Create your own skin, hair and face care ritual.

52. Love yourself and accept.

53. Have sex with a stranger.

54. Become a teacher and mentor for someone.

55. Do something funny or ridiculous.

56. Meet the sunrise and enjoy the sunset in a beautiful place.

57. Travel alone.

58. Help the homeless.

59. Read books every day, at least one page or listen to audio.

60. Visit all continents and in as many countries as possible.

61. Give a speech to a large crowd of spectators.

62. Hitchhiking.

63. Buy yourself a car.

64. Win the lottery.

65. Ride a horse.

66. Get rid of cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, porn and social networks.

67. Change your lifestyle and diet to a healthier one.

68. Overcome your biggest fear.

69. Visit famous museums and places.

70. Make a life plan and follow it.

71. Learn to do somersaults.

72. Look at the active volcano.

73. Swim with dolphins.

74. Live in another country.

75. Fly by plane, hang glider and hot air balloon.

76. Know yourself and meditate.

77. Participate in a flash mob.

78. Bend into the sea from a cliff.

79. To act in films, even in a cameo role.

80. To be completely alone for a while.

Childhood dreams versus reality
Childhood dreams versus reality

81. Stand under the waterfall.

82. Take part in a wine tasting.

83. Learn a couple of constellations to show them to adorable girls at night.

84. Become smiling, positive and cheerful.

85. Help parents in life and pay back their debt to the very end.

86. Do something cool with your own hands.

87. Learn to photograph beautifully.

88. Change someone's life

89. Try extreme sports.

90. Climb the mountain.

91. Arrange a big surprise.

92. Argue for a large amount.

93. Create your blog.

94. Overcome fears of failure.

95. Travel by car.

96. Learn to play chess and other legendary games.

97. Cheer for your team in a legendary match.

98. Find your hobby and devote time to it.

99. Get a pet: a dog, a cat or a raccoon.

100. Boycott brands and producer countries that you don't like.

101. Swimming in the sea naked in the company of a lovely girl.

102. Fall in love.

111 goals a man should achieve
111 goals a man should achieve

103. Arrange a romantic date and propose to a friend.

104. Get married.

105. Plant a tree.

106. Build your house and apartment.

107. Raise a son and a daughter, and preferably more children.

108. Change this world for the better.

109. Write a book or story of your life.

110. Make your dreams come true when others fail.

111. Enjoy life every day.

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