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Man's rules
Man's rules

In the male world, there are unspoken and unwritten rules that all men adhere to. What is the strength, success and life of a man? In keeping with some truths that have always had a price.

Man, be a man!

Be brave in the fight.

And neither fate nor people

They won't hurt you!

Sandor Petofi

The rules of a man can help you find yourself in this world if you are a little lost. What is the meaning of life and the salt of a man? What landmarks exist and where to go? These rules are unwritten for men.

There are those guys who don't follow men's rules. They are usually called assholes or "that guy." But exceptions only confirm rules that have worked for centuries. What are they?

The rules of the man. Unspoken male rules

1. A nod up means how are you.

2. Nod down - I see you.

3. Diagonal nod - need to talk.

4. A nod at the door - let's go or let's go.

5. Take other people's secrets with you to the grave.

6. Friends are more important than women.

Man's rules
Man's rules

7. Do not feel sorry for yourself and do not whine. Do not expect pity from anyone.

8. If a friend gets into a fight, then stand on his side, regardless of whether he is right.

9. Be ready to take responsibility for all your actions.

10. The man wears nice clothes and a nice body.

Male alpha male
Male alpha male

11. Praise your friend in public, but give advice in private.

12. Healthy aggressiveness adorns a man.

13. A man always has a craving for sports.

14. A man does not need the approval of others. He already has everything inside.

15. Don't beat around the bush. If you want to say something, then say it.

16. Do not roll up to a girl whom a friend has already laid eyes on.

17. You cannot show fear or cowardice even if you experience them.

18. We must fight, so fight.

19. You are responsible for those who are dear and important to you. But you are not responsible for those who imposed these obligations on you.

20. Women love to test how strong men are, when they do not follow the lead and do not give in to manipulation.

Man's rules
Man's rules

21. When a friend helps with moving or repairing a wheelbarrow, then booze and a snack are sufficient pay.

22. Better to try and regret. Than regret not doing.

23. Male self-esteem. Know how to say no to circumstances and people.

24. You do not conflict with another man if he is with a girl, children or mother.

25. A man should not be petty.

26. When you go for a walk with a man's company, you do not need to drag your girlfriend with you.

27. In any business, quality is always better than quantity.

28. A man can refuse without giving reasons.

29. If a friend is with a girl, then do not try to be better or funnier than him.

Afraid to take risks: grab all chances
Afraid to take risks: grab all chances

30. A man always sees opportunities where others see only problems and a reason to give up.

Man's rules
Man's rules

31. Do not take away the last cigarette, chewing gum, etc. from a person.

32. It's okay to skip a party for a girl, but you don't lie for that.

33. Don't let your friend do stupid things. At least one.

34. Do not give in constantly to the detriment of your interests. This is not wisdom, but weakness.

35. A man allows others to lead with him as he allowed.

36. Proving something to others is pointless. Prove only to yourself.

37. The man has a strong handshake.

38. Do not speak ill of a friend that you could not say to his face.

39. Even in a fight, you don't hit your opponent below the belt.

40. Every man has his own goals, dreams and vocation. Going with the flow is too boring.

Man's rules
Man's rules

41. No one has power over a man. This is called independence.

42. Do not urinate into the middle urinal when the sides are empty. Choose urinals away from busy people, if possible.

43. Earn more than spend.

44. Make decisions quickly and act quickly. Being a dubious bastard is a bad achievement.

45. Returning to the former is ridiculous, as well as forgiving betrayal.

46. Do not take off your clothes before the girl.

47. Be able to admit mistakes, even if it is difficult.

48. Everyone makes mistakes and falls. But only a few don't give up.

The rules of your life
The rules of your life

49. The meaning of a man's life is not about money, but their presence does not hurt.

50. When a hot girl walks by, you and your friend should comment on her or just nod.

Man's rules
Man's rules

51. Whenever possible, then act.

52. If your friend's girlfriend has a dubious reputation, then you have to say it.

53. A man gives birth to a dog above the knee when it grows up.

54. Do not borrow. And if you did, then return it as soon as possible.

55. It is foolish to blame others and the world for something. Don't make excuses for yourself, but take responsibility into your own hands.

56. Got a friend's car? Fill the tank before returning.

57. With the help of alcohol and bad habits, men do not hide from the complexities of life.

58. Politeness, tact and tolerance for those who cannot break through in life by force.

59. What you discuss with friends is not discussed later with girls.

60. Listen more and talk less. This is the basic rule of a good conversationalist.

Man's rules
Man's rules

61. The strength of a man is in actions, not words.

62. Uncontrolled emotions do not adorn a man.

63. Do what you must. Then there will be what the man wants.

64. Use the situation to your advantage to come out a winner, not a whiner complaining about life.

65. Former girlfriends are not allowed.

66. Do not start quarrels, but only indicate your position.

67. Initiative is a good man's quality.

55 tips from men for men
55 tips from men for men

68. A man doesn't have to be nice to people he doesn't like.

69. A man always keeps his word, even if the bet was stupid.

70. Do you want to be a winner? Behave like a winner.

Man's rules
Man's rules

71. Don't get a tattoo with the girl's name. An average relationship lasts about 3 months.

72. Excessive caution kills the taste of male life.

73. You always help your drunk friend get home.

74. A man does not promise if he cannot fulfill.

75. Only the man who believes in himself wins.

76. There is never enough experience, resources, knowledge. But there are men who do not stop it.

77. Parents and family must not be forgotten.

78. Friends help each other seduce chicks.

79. Limitations in life are needed in everything. Otherwise it turns into excess and harm.

80. A real man is always a little hero or crazy.

Man's rules
Man's rules

81. A man has no time to judge or discuss other people. He is busy with his.

82. Sex jokes should not involve a friend's girlfriend or sister.

83. You also need to be able to play with dignity.

84. Reputation and authority are expensive.

85. Never laugh at your friend in front of his girlfriend.

86. Any mistake is a way to become stronger and wiser next time.

87. Do not postpone and do not expect a miracle from life. The man takes his own.

88. Hobbies and hobbies make a man's life better.

Be the protagonists of your life
Be the protagonists of your life

89. A man is equal to discipline plus punctuality.

90. Life without sex with your girlfriend is not life.

Man's rules
Man's rules

91. A man is always positive. He thinks about how to make “bad” into “good”.

92. You shouldn't dance to the tune of other people, especially if it's a girl.

93. When a friend buys you a drink, you don't get your money back. You buy him later.

94. A man always has a reserve or a stash for a rainy day.

95. Not all men can have an inner core. But not all men live the way they want.

96. Everything in life has a price. But is everyone willing to pay for it?

97. Being a ladies' man and chasing all your life just for skirts is too boring.

98. Friends speak nasty things to each other's faces, but speak well behind their backs.

99. Leave long doubts to the girls. Men are decisive.

100. Men's life is a joy from the process. And the result will be.

101. Take action and live right now.

Man's rules
Man's rules

These male rules are unspoken and unwritten, but we wrote them down. No need to share them on social media. They are not for everyone. Remember the movie "Fight Club". It contains the first two rules of Fight Club: "Don't tell anyone about Fight Club."

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