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What should men not be ashamed of and ashamed of? Girls answer
What should men not be ashamed of and ashamed of? Girls answer

Often men are embarrassed by things that girls consider normal. What do the girls think about the fact that a man finishes quickly in bed, has financial difficulties, has an average body size, quickly bald, has a hairy or imperfect body?

Men were brought up to be brutal and rude, but this is sometimes difficult. For this reason, men are shy and ashamed of many things that should not be. The girls gave their answer to male complexes, and we wrote it down.

Men should not be ashamed or ashamed of the following things

It's okay to be not the smartest. A man can easily admit that he does not know something, does not understand or does not know how. This does not make him weak. Know-it-alls, on the other hand, seem like arrogant and arrogant narcissists to women.

A man may not be ashamed of his desires. It is normal when a man comes up to get acquainted, flirts, actively courting, seduces and gently sticks to the girl. Women speak out for men to be active, confident and strong. A man does not need to apologize for his erection and desire to get sex from a girl.

A man's hairiness is not a problem. Hairy chest, back, shoulders, legs, or arms. A man may not be afraid of hairiness and not be ashamed of it. Most women even like it. But hair in the nose, ears, armpits and excessive hairiness in the groin do not count. A man should shower regularly.

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Do I need to apologize? How to stop feeling guilty?

A man comes to the finish line too quickly in sex? If there is a second round, and it gives pleasure, then everything is fine. Premature ejaculation is a compliment to a girl that she is so hot, attractive, passionate and sexy.

A man is afraid of being fired, earning little or not being able to provide for his family. A man may not make billions. There are only a few such people in the world. Girls are ready to support a man if he does not hang his nose, does not give up, helps around the house and tries to change the situation. Things are good.

When a man becomes bald, then he begins to have complexes. He starts wearing hats and wigs. Tries to comb three hairs on a bald spot. There is no need to be shy, and even more so to do such manipulations with thinning hair. Get your hair short or shave. Most women will find it attractive and hot. Most of the female sex symbols are bald men.

The man tries to suppress sounds and restrains himself from being noisy during sex. Do not be ashamed of what is very good for him. Girls want to hear how great a man is in sex. Let him moan, growl, scream, or speak. This turns on and excites women even more.

A man may not be ashamed of his love for animals. It's okay for a man to love dogs, cats, and other animals. That he is touched by animals and wants to stroke them. This shows how humane and kind a man is.

A man is embarrassed to have an imperfect body. A man can be thin or overweight, and not have an athletic body and abs. It's okay if a man doesn't look like Apollo. If a man feels comfortable in his body and exudes confidence, then he is still attractive to women.

The myth of a real man
The myth of a real man

A man may have erection problems. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you consider how many women imitate orgasm. Nobody is a robot, but everyone gets tired or worried. With age, men may experience some problems with the hardness of erections. If he decides to take Viagra or Cialis pills, then this is his own business. Everything is fine.

Men can feel free to do girly things. The world is too complicated, and it is foolish to impose prejudices on oneself. Men can wear colorful clothes, drink cocktails, rock the dance floor, sing in the shower, carry cool bags and use fashion accessories.

Many men are concerned about their penis size. Women bother the same with their breasts. Tits are either small or large or ugly in shape. But the size of the male member of women does not particularly care if it is not a very small and not very large organ. Most of the erogenous points are located on the clitoris and at the very beginning of the vagina. The main desire of a man to please a woman and his enthusiasm for sex.

A man is a man. He can cry, worry and be emotional in difficult times. Men are ashamed of tears of grief and joy. They had been taught to be strong and tough for too long. But there is nothing wrong with a man crying or showing emotions.

Men should not be shy and ashamed of many things.

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