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What men don't talk about?
What men don't talk about?

What men prefer not to talk about, but this is familiar to all of us? What aspects of a man's life and psychology do most women do not know? Men's life is a little different than women's. We have our own difficulties, problems and thoughts about life.

Men have their own obstacles and lives, and often women do not understand us at all.

What men don't talk about?

We receive so few compliments that we remember them for the rest of our lives.

When we look somewhere, it often coincides with female priests and boobs. Sometimes it’s an accident, but often it’s not an accident at all. This is an instinct that cannot be overcome.

Unfamiliar girls look at you with apprehension if you meet in private somewhere. If you walk down the street at night, then they consider you a maniac or a rapist in advance.

Very often, a man has unpredictable boners at the most inopportune time. This often happens in transport when girls are cuddling.

Men are silent how many times they were denied acquaintance, relationships and sex. It hurts self-esteem.

What men don't talk about?
What men don't talk about?

You are constantly told that you must be able to do everything. This means that he must be an auto mechanic, plumber, locksmith, electrician. Although you are a programmer by training and do not have to be able to do all this.

Hooligans or drunken idiots sometimes want to fight with you for no reason at all. We must always be ready to fight back.

Male alpha male
Male alpha male

Eggs often stick to our leg or the penis is not very comfortable to stand up. We need self-control not to start correcting in public.

The amount of masturbation in our lives is very high, even in long-term relationships and marriage.

Men also love it when girls hug, kiss and pat them on the head.

Men always have to take their first steps with a girl. We also have problems with self-esteem and confidence, especially when we approach, get to know each other and communicate.

Most men, too, would like not to work and do nothing, just like women. Sit at home, self-actualize, indulge in your hobbies.

Men do not have anyone to cry, unlike women, if there are problems in life or relationships.

You are often told that you have to be a real man. This means that you have to do what you do not want and do not consider necessary. Men do not like this kind of manipulation of us.

Sometimes we are afraid that a girl will leave us for the sake of some rich man, or maybe they will find themselves younger and more successful.

Shaving every day sucks, especially if you have sensitive skin. All the women complain that you prick them, even if you shaved an hour ago.

A man always has a great responsibility. Parents expect great success from you when they only expect marriage from a woman. Society, parents and women place a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of men.

How to be arrogant and confident: courage and cockiness always help
How to be arrogant and confident: courage and cockiness always help

Parting with girls, we are lonely for long periods. At times like these, we are depressed, upset, and depressed.

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