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55 tips from men for men
55 tips from men for men

Women do not understand men well, but they often try to teach how to live and what to do. This is not a woman's business. What good advice would men give to other men? These tips will definitely come in handy for you on the path of life. Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers and true friends would give you these advice.

Man, be a man!

Be brave in the fight.

And neither fate nor people

They won't hurt you!

Be like an oak tree that

When hit by a hurricane

Though uprooted

And did not bend your camp!

Sandor Petofi

Men are increasingly criticized by society, television, the Internet and women. The men stopped living up to their expectations, but why did they decide that we owe them something? Men have their own lives and battles that women cannot understand. This is why men can give the right advice at the right time.

Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers and true friends would give you these advice. This is a tangle of thoughts that will help someone find themselves and make as few mistakes as possible on the way to their dreams.

55 tips from men for men
55 tips from men for men

55 tips from men for men

  1. Take care of yourself and your happiness. Nobody else will do this.
  2. When you try to impress girls, you look ridiculous in their eyes.
  3. Be like a duck. Always keep outward calm, but actively row underwater.
  4. Always wear a condom. It's better than getting medical treatment or getting married on the fly.
  5. Even if once in a lifetime, but bring yourself into the perfect physical version.
  6. Plan your life, don't go with the flow like weak-willed shit.
  7. Never sleep with other people's wives or girlfriends.
  8. Try to be kind, but sometimes you have to be aggressive and angry.
  9. The size of your car will impress no one but whores.
  10. If you play, play with all your passion or don't play at all.
  11. Immediately take responsibility for life and destiny into your own hands.
  12. Learn to listen carefully to other people.
  13. Taking care of your appearance is important. Do it and you will be better than most.
  14. Anyone who chases two birds with one stone will not get one.
  15. Choose a profession and job in which you are good and well paid.
  16. Punctuality and adherence to a routine are very important.
  17. Treat your elders with respect and thank the veterans of the Great Patriotic War for their victory.
  18. It is a shame to grow old early because of your laziness or negligence.
  19. Never be afraid to approach the best girl.
  20. Don't worry about what others think or say.
  21. Don't overestimate the girls. Don't devalue your interests in your relationship with her.
  22. It's normal to have emotions. The main thing is to be able to control them.
  23. Don't sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others.
  24. You can dream about anything, but don't make the dream your master.
  25. Do not get married until you are 25-30 years old.
  26. Find what you like to do.
  27. Do not brag about your accomplishments, and especially about what you have not yet achieved.
  28. There is nothing wrong with looking good and smelling good.
  29. Don't make someone else the meaning of life. The girl can always leave.
  30. Get out of the house, meet people, visit new places, travel.
  31. You can be anyone fit in life, but not a lazy person or a fool.
  32. You did not find yourself in the trash to sleep with the women in a row who give.
  33. Shake hands firmly when you say hello. Look in the eyes at this moment.
  34. Cut your expenses, save money and think well before you buy.
  35. Go in for sports. This will keep you healthy, strong and attractive.
  36. The more you have, the bigger things you have to take care of.
  37. Before you act or say something - think.
  38. Don't smoke, don't drink, and don't turn into a fat bummer.
  39. Find your hobbies and hobbies that will make you happier.
  40. It's okay to be lonely as a part of your life. But this is not loneliness, but freedom.
  41. Treat girls with respect.
  42. If you are trusted with secrets, then keep them.
  43. There is always another place of work or another specialty if you are not satisfied.
  44. Visit your parents and grandparents. You will regret later if you don't.
  45. Girls don't like nice and obedient guys.
  46. Do not feel sorry for yourself, you are stronger and smarter than you think.
  47. If a girl says or shows her behavior "no", then find another.
  48. It's normal to lose friends along the way. But try to protect them.
  49. Be confident and humble at the same time.
  50. Try to calculate situations a few steps ahead.
  51. Manners and upbringing make a man.
  52. Don't blame yourself for things that are out of your control.
  53. You can always start your story from scratch.
  54. Never settle for less.
  55. Life is too short not to live to the fullest.
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What good male advice would you add?

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