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Men's joys
Men's joys

Girls say that taking off a bra after a working day is one of the most enjoyable daily moments in a woman's life. And what is the male equivalent of removing a bra from women? What gives a man pleasure in life? Male joys that make us happier.

Men also rejoice when girls take off their bra and show them its contents. But what are the similar daily joys in men's life that adorn and make it better? What makes a man happier and more fulfilling?

On one of the forums, men shared the analogues of women's bra removal. What can a man do to make himself feel better and happier? List of hobbies, hobbies and pleasant things for men.

Men's joys in life

1. Take off your shoes and stale socks at the end of the day.

2. Get rid of your tie and jacket if you have a dress code at work.

3. Pasting balls and sticks in pants.

4. After a working day, you sit down on the sofa and turn on the TV.

5. Ride a car, motorcycle, bicycle or skateboard.

6. A bottle of cold beer from the refrigerator.

7. Consideration of weapons, machines, equipment or knives.

8. Bar gatherings with friends.

9. Stretch your belt and take off your pants at home.

10. Going to the gym and muscle fatigue.

Men's joys
Men's joys

11. Engaging in your favorite hobby or hobby.

12. Hike to the mountains, forest or other interesting place.

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13. Playing computer games.

14. Boat or sailing trip.

15. When you take off your tool belt, bag or backpack.

16. Viewing interesting films.

17. Shower after a day outside.

18. Prepare and eat something tasty.

19. Complete disposal of clothes before bed.

20. Going fishing and fishing.

Men's joys
Men's joys

21. Playing musical instruments.

22. Nice cigar in the evening.

23. Taking pictures, painting or other similar hobby.

24. Paintball, billiards or bowling.

25. Jogging in the street.

26. Sit in the garage and tinker with the car.

27. Go to the stadium to cheer for your favorite team.

28. Reading interesting books.

29. Collecting mushrooms and berries.

30. Travel, tourism and camping.

Men's joys
Men's joys

31. Sleeping in a soft bed or lying on the couch.

32. Go to training in martial arts or beat a punching bag.

33. Extreme sports.

34. Going to the bathhouse with friends and women.

35. Playing poker and other games.

36. Evening walk before bedtime.

37. Playing basketball or football with friends.

38. Crafts, burning or other craftsmanship by hand.

39. A woman taking off her bra is also the best part of a man's day.

40. When you unbutton a girl's bra on the first try.

Men's joys
Men's joys

Men's joys seem like little things, but they make us happier. You feel more colors in life and satisfaction from what is happening. What male joys do you love? What makes you happy and how often do you do it?

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