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How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

How to get people to respect themselves? You cannot force yourself to be respected, but you can behave in a way that is respected and treated with respect. How to prove yourself and achieve by your actions the respect of others?

Respected people are more likely to achieve success, have many friends, enjoy the love of others and easily establish their personal lives.

We all love it when we are treated the way we want. But it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes we are ignored or disrespected. How to behave and how to present yourself so that others appreciate and respect you? Tips that really work.

How do you gain other people's respect?

“Truly strong people don't explain why they want respect for themselves. They just do not communicate with those who do not treat them with due respect. " Sherri Argov

Respect is not in kindness and gentleness

How to get people to respect? Be kind, sweet, nice and compliant? A person with an overly kind character can be perceived as a weakling. A person who does not have his own opinion, does not defend his interests and tries to please everyone around him, looks weak. And no one respects the weak.

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How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

Respect is in action

Nobody respects liars, liars and unnecessary people. Best of all, not words speak for a person, but his actions. The actions that you take today form the opinion of others for tomorrow.

Do your job well and be conscientious. It is important to act adequately, honestly, directly. Keep your word and get things done. Very few people do this that you immediately stand out profitably. With your actions, you will win the respect of others.

Treat everyone with respect if you want respect

Treat all people with respect, even if they are lower in social status. Mutual respect is the foundation of respect. When you are respectful to the people around you, you are involuntarily imbued with respect. You do not divide people into statuses, but behave tactfully with everyone.

Accept criticism

Even respected and strong people are criticized. Be able to perceive constructive criticism with understanding, in non-constructive hating with a smile. If you're right, why not break spears in the fight against windmills? If they tell the truth, then this is an opportunity to learn something and get out of it stronger.

Behave like a pro

Behave with dignity, dress well, practice etiquette and be tactful. Show yourself always from your best and professional side. Do not stoop to squabbles, obscenities, petty squabbles, gossip and fuss. Keep your emotions in check. Watch your body language. Act like a professional if you want to be respected.

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How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

Don't confuse respect and position

Some people believe that they will gain the respect of people when they have a great position or status. But the point is that status can be respected, but a person cannot. Big boss tyrant, rude and negative person who asserts himself at the expense of others? Such a person is not respected and will never be, no matter what status he reaches. Respect is the ability to behave appropriately and tactfully.

Be an example to others

Be who others want to be like and equal. Show leadership qualities, take responsibility, be attentive to the people around you and devote time to them. Be what many want to be, but fear or fail. Be an example to others and keep the quality bar.

Self-confidence brings respect

There is nothing worse than looking at someone who needs approval and greedily seeks it. This is evidence of low self-esteem. Say no to stoop, fussiness, muttering, lethargy, apathy, quiet speech. Be confident. When a person is confident in himself and knows what he wants, he is respected. Self-confidence is the cornerstone of respect.

How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

How to get respect?

"Respect every person to the best of your ability, until this person shows you that he is not worthy of your respect." Boris Akunin

1. Take care of honor from a young age.

2. Be honest and open to others.

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What should a man be able to do?

3. Memorize the names of other people and call them by name.

4. Always remain calm and control your emotions.

5. Treat people the way you want them to treat you.

6. Make the other person feel important and needed.

7. Do not use pressure, force or manipulation in vain.

8. Respect other people's opinions and desires.

9. Show yourself positive and optimistic.

10. When arguing, do not get personal.

11. Support others with compliments and words of encouragement.

12. Don't put yourself above others.

13. Don't be late and be punctual. Respect someone else's time.

14. Do not judge or criticize others in vain.

15. Look people in the eye and be clear in expressing your opinion.

16. Don't take all the blame for what's going on around you.

17. Behave in such a way that the interlocutor is comfortable with you.

18. Don't act like a bore or know-it-all.

19. Learn to tactfully refuse and say no, rather than agree with everything.

20. Don't try to seem perfect and perfect, it's annoying.

21. Respect the strong and strong in every sense of the word.

How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

22. Look closely to others and do not ignore them.

23. Be able to rejoice at the victories and successes of others.

24. Do not promise what you cannot fulfill.

25. Don't suck up to people and don't try to please them.

Courage is a quality of the strong
Courage is a quality of the strong

26. Don't look weak or envious.

27. Be yourself and not someone else.

28. Do not engage in chatter, backbiting, gossip and other such things.

29. Be self-sufficient and do not need someone else's approval.

30. The power is in the truth. Whoever has the truth is stronger and more respected.

How to get people to respect? Behave with dignity, respect yourself, and be tactful with others. Respect is not what you get, but what you give.

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