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How to get rid of alcohol and recover
How to get rid of alcohol and recover

Alcohol leaves the body not very quickly, but you urgently needed to sober up and recover? Useful methods that will allow you to quickly get rid of alcohol.

You can quickly sober up in a couple of hours if the dose of alcohol consumed is not high. But in any case, you can significantly reduce the impact of alcohol on a person by doing some manipulations.

The approximate time for removing alcohol is indicated in the table, where you can calculate the time required for a "clear" head after drinking. But this time can be shortened if you do the right thing.

Alcohol withdrawal time table
Alcohol withdrawal time table

How to get rid of alcohol and get back to health

Take special drugs. There are special drugs for neutralizing alcohol in the body and blood.

Empty your stomach. You can induce vomiting to get rid of excess in the stomach. In addition to cleansing the stomach, it would be nice to take activated charcoal. You need to take 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of a person's weight.

Drink plenty of fluids. Along with the water, alcohol will go away and your health will improve. Drink mineral water, juices, broth and any other liquid.

Eat well. An empty stomach can make you feel unwell. Hearty food will help absorb leftover alcohol and harmful substances. Food will give the body strength.

Take a shower. A slightly warm but not hot shower is good for someone trying to sober up. Warm water opens the pores through which the alcohol escapes. Excessively hot showers can be heart-breaking.

Cons of alcohol. Negative sides of booze
Cons of alcohol. Negative sides of booze
Fresh air will help cleanse your head and deflate the alcohol. The walk should be slow and calm.

Get a massage. Massaging your ears or feet will help a little.

Go to sleep. Sleep is slow but effective. Even a couple of hours of sleep will help restore your performance after a binge. Sleep allows the body to rest and digest alcohol.

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