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How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

Live to the fullest and don't let your adventures pass you by so you don't regret missed chances. How to walk up, try everything from life and enjoy incredible adventures? Do you want to live a bright and memorable life? Prove to the world that you are still alive!

Don't let life and adventure pass you by. Make it so that you have something to brag about in the company of friends and beautiful girls. Before settling down, starting a family and settling down, you should make the sweet mistakes of youth. Do all the crazy things and adventures in your life that you can write about in your memoirs later.

What do you need to have time to do in life before you become an adult and wise? How to walk up? Write down this incredible, longest and most complete adventure list. And then proceed to the implementation, crossing out the points one by one.

200 things to do in life

1. Run a marathon, triathlon and get your medal

2. Get into a good fight

3. Visit a nude beach and sunbathe naked

4. Learn at least one single combat: muay thai, boxing, sambo, mma, karate, etc.

5. Go diving and explore the beauty of the underwater world

6. Find your favorite alcoholic beverage

7. Watch the stars fall in the company of a beautiful girl

8. Get a tattoo

Paint the town red
Paint the town red

9. Have sex with a stranger

10. Learn to dance

11. Swim naked with a pretty girl

12. Master surfing and conquer your wave

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

13. Learn to drive a car, motorcycle, bicycle

14. Have a threesome or group sex

15. Stand under the waterfall and kiss the girl there

16. Go on a date using dating apps

17. Climb the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and other similar places

18. Build Athletic Body and Reach Your Ideal Weight

19. Meet several girls at the same time

20. Go on a real hike for many days or weeks.

21. Plant a tree or more

22. Watch the lunar and solar eclipses

23. Take part in a real carnival in Brazil

24. Deprive a young and growing beauty

25. Go hunting

26. Climb high into the mountains

27. Jump into the sea from the cliff

28. Pump Your Abs To Show Off On The Beach

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

29. Buy a ticket in a random direction

30. Get an autograph from your favorite star

31. Take part in a flash mob

32. Shoot your movie

33. Have sex with girls of all nationalities

34. Spend a weekend in a sauna, steam bath or spa center

35. Smoke a hookah or cigars

36. Love yourself with all your heart

37. Have crazy sex on the beach

38. Fly in a hot air balloon

39. Take up meditation and study it

40. Learn to photograph beautifully

What you can do in your free time
What you can do in your free time

41. Build a House

42. Have sex in the elevator

43. Create your website or blog

44. Go skiing and snowboarding

45. Help in charity

46. Explore the joys of oral sex

47. Take a wine tour

48. Dance all night at the disco

49. Do something with your own hands

50. Volunteer

51. Start your own YouTube channel

52. Give a speech to the people

53. Learn to cook barbecue

54. Celebrate New Year in an exotic location

55. Visit all continents or all countries

56. Do what you love

57. Go to the movies alone

58. Learn to roller-skate and skate

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

59. Build your family tree and study the entire pedigree

60. Learn to play a musical instrument

61. Have sex all night

62. Dramatically change your image and style

63. Act in a movie, at least in the crowd

64. Try all the sex positions from the Kamasutra and come up with your own

65. Go to the casino, bowling, billiards

66. Swim with Dolphins

67. Bake a cake or dessert

68. Sing in public

69. Learn to play chess, checkers, backgammon

70. Learn to sew

71. Watch the sunset and sunrise in the company of a loved one

72. Do the big foolishness you have wanted for a long time

73. Read as many books and the Bible too

74. See a psychiatrist for an appointment

How to understand what you want from life? 5 steps to dream and goal
How to understand what you want from life? 5 steps to dream and goal

75. Fly by helicopter, airplane and hang glider

76. Have sex in a public place

77. Learn to draw

78. Admire the Northern Lights and Eclipse

79. Try to change the world for the better

80. Take a trip spontaneously

81. Visit the women's bath in the company of adorable beauties

82. Take a sea cruise on a liner

83. Get a well-deserved slap from a girl

84. Find your hobby

85. Play golf, baseball, or American football

86. Have sex with two lesbians or bisexuals

87. Get a pet

88. Go to various crazy parties

89. Play a role in the theater

90. Visit a medieval castle

91. Try sex with a grown woman

92. Get a new profession

93. Learn to whistle loudly

94. Talk to the girl to give you a blowjob while you are driving a car

95. Go sailing and sail on a yacht

96. Visit the zoo or see all the animals live

97. Drive a sports car

98. Spend the whole night talking heart to heart

99. Say hello and take a selfie with your favorite Hollywood star

100. Watch football or ice hockey in a stadium from a historic match

101. Build a huge castle of sand or stones

102. Order your portrait to the artist

103. Find Real Friends

104. Keep a diary and write down your thoughts

105. Watch the TOP of the most famous films

How to find your path to happiness and well-being?
How to find your path to happiness and well-being?

106. Try exotic dishes

107. Spend a few days or weeks alone

108. Buy a metal detector and start treasure hunting

109. Confess your love to loved ones more often

110. Shoot a pistol, rifle, crossbow or other weapon

111. Have sex in the cockpit and join the Mile High Club

112. Pay for the whole company in the bar

113. Do good deeds

114. Look at the erupting volcano

115. Collect a huge puzzle

116. Try hiking

117. Do not sleep all night, but immerse yourself in meditation under a bottle of wine

118. Ride a horse, a camel and an elephant

119. Be a nude sitter for female artists or photographers

120. Visit Disneyland and plunge into childhood

121. Travel by car across the country

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

122. Work as a waiter or bartender

123. Go to the opera and theater for famous performances

124. Have a mega-party

125. Play Your Friends Big

126. Take part in the competition and win

127. Fly the kite

128. Pick berries or mushrooms in the forest

129. Make a time capsule for future descendants and bury it

130. Organize a picnic with friends

131. Help someone find love

132. Go jet skiing and water skiing

133. Break your heart with love and break yourself

134. Learn to Skate

135. Swim in your clothes

136. Learn a foreign language or even a few

Have a party at home
Have a party at home

137. Be a witness at a wedding, seduce a witness or bridesmaids

138. Live in a tent for a few days

139. Get drunk on memory loss

140. Conquer Your Greatest Fear

141. Feed a homeless person or help a homeless person in life

142. Solve the Rubik's Cube

143. Play volleyball, basketball and other team games

144. Become a blood or sperm donor

145. Visit the Venice Carnival and light it up there with a stranger

146. Take part in a bachelor party or a bachelorette party

147. Learn to do somersaults

148. Write your poem

149. Give interviews to television

150. Make friends with strangers

151. Learn to do magic tricks

152. Visit all the most famous museums in the world

153. Taste the life of Tibetan Shaolin monks for a while

154. Drive in a convertible

155. Be a vegetarian for a while

156. Give Someone a Second Chance

157. Learn to make origami

158. Make a private porn movie with you

159. Be a jury member anywhere

160. Win the lottery

161. Become a mentor and teacher for someone

162. Arrange a fight over a girl with your opponent

163. Learn to make your signature cocktails

164. Get a massage and learn how to do it

165. Visit all the famous festivals: Oktoberfest, Burning Man, etc.

166. Ride a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, etc.

167. Visit the grave of a cult figure

168. Live a week or a month out of civilization

Life is a game. Instructions for passing the game "life"
Life is a game. Instructions for passing the game "life"

169. Draw graffiti on the wall

170. Arrange a nude photo session for a girl

171. Go fishing and catch big fish

172. Climb a Tall Tree

173. Grow a beard or long hair

174. Take a ride on the roof of a vehicle

175. Have some champagne for breakfast

176. Have sex with your ex

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

177. Throw your boots on the wires and hit the road

178. Arrange a dream apartment

179. Cook a romantic dinner for a girl

180. Go to a fortune teller to find out your fate

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

181. Go to a striptease or ask a girl to dance

182. Dance yourself a striptease in front of a girl or several beauties

183. Learn to juggle three balls

184. Ride a segway, a hoverboard, a monowheel

185. Travel Long Distances by Train

186. Launch the sky lantern into the sky

187. Quit smoking forever

188. Go boating, catamaran and kayaking

189. Travel with a backpack to unknown places for several weeks

190. Learn the rules of etiquette

191. Try a raw food diet

192. Write a letter and send it in a bottle to the ocean

193. Hitchhiker long distances

194. Skydive

195. Live or move to another city, or maybe a country

196. Write your book

197. Create your own business

198. Fall in love without memory

199. Confess your love

How to walk up? 200 things to do in life
How to walk up? 200 things to do in life

200. Live every day

Save the list, make your life bright and unforgettable. Complete all 200 points. Prove to the world that you are still alive!

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