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How not to waste your life?
How not to waste your life?

We don't live the way we wanted. Each of us is gnawed by the fear of future failure, the fear of changes in life and the fear of being outside the comfort zone. It's time to stop flushing life down the toilet, doing hateful things, wasting time, criticizing yourself and being lazy.

Naively, we think that life is formed by itself, but it turns out not to be so. Life turns into alleys where you least wanted to be. Often it turns out to be dead ends in life, from which then it takes a long time to get out.

Time is moving inexorably forward, and you do not want to miss all your opportunities and chances? For example, here's an example of a life where a person made a mistake at the beginning of his path. He went down the wrong road and ended up losing a bet called "happy life."

One life that was wasted

One 50-year-old Australian banker told his life story. All his adult life, he worked hard at work so as not to communicate with children, to miss his father's funeral, not to travel, not to achieve a dream, and his wife cheated on him for almost 10 years.

The banker felt that he had died ahead of time. He chose the safest and most correct way of life, but he lost. He was not happy. The Australian has spent most of his life doing things that he disliked and even hated. He died ahead of time and betrayed all his dreams. In his 50 years, a man regretted that he did not try to make his dreams come true, but spent his golden years chasing only money and comfort.

What mistake do people regret and want to warn others?
What mistake do people regret and want to warn others?
I will definitely do it, but sometime later, when will the ideal conditions be? This is what each of us said. We will regret more what we did not do than we will fail. Taste your dreams. Dream and act. There is still time, opportunity and strength.

2. Don't bang your head against the wall and be flexible. If something does not work out, then do not try to break through the wall with your forehead. Look for other solutions and workarounds. Unable to achieve success in this job? Look for another. Not working with a girl? Find another. Are there no prospects in the city? Leave to another city, capital or country. Don't bang your head against the wall. Be flexible.

3. Make plans. Choose a specific goal, not an abstract one. Almost any goal can be achieved if there is a good and worthwhile plan. Make a detailed plan of action on what needs to be done to achieve the goal. Place time markers so you don't get lazy. Review and follow your plan regularly. In case of difficulties, change your strategy.

Don't Make It Difficult: 15 Ways to Make Your Life Better
Don't Make It Difficult: 15 Ways to Make Your Life Better
Stop flushing time and your life down the toilet. Don't let your dreams and goals die ahead of time. Move from intentions and dreams to real action. Do your best every day. Get rid of prostration, perfectionism and laziness.

5. Enjoy life. Try to please yourself and enjoy life. Life is too short to do only necessary and important things. Allow yourself to enjoy life and have fun. Reward yourself even for small victories. Relax, travel, do what you love.

6. Avoid mistakes. We often make disastrous mistakes that can take a lot of time, money, and effort. These are nonsense, alcohol, flight marriages, inattentive injuries, criminal adventures and other mistakes. Avoid the mistakes you can. This will speed up your path to your goal. Do not make big detours away from the dream and do not take an overwhelming burden.

7. Don't complain. No need to whine, complain about fate, country, government, environment and other factors. Life presents many opportunities and chances. Don't complain, but act. Stop looking for the culprit. Further life depends only on you. Create opportunities yourself, if fate is in no hurry to please you. Knock on the door shut and climb through the window.

8. Don't give up. At the first difficulties and failures, do not deviate from the path. Life will always send you trials and difficulties to test your perseverance. Only your perseverance and confidence will show whether you are worthy of victory. No one succeeds without dozens or even hundreds of minor defeats. Are you ready to get up from your knees and go to the goal?

You too will learn and get used to adulthood
You too will learn and get used to adulthood

We often treat life like a regular rehearsal. We will still have time to live for real. Unfortunately no. Life is short, and days, months and years fly by inexorably. Stop standing at the start and waiting for the signal. If you need it, then here's a sign: "It's time!"

Are you ready not to waste your life?

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