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Ironic jokes that you will love
Ironic jokes that you will love

Ironic and funny jokes with which you can amuse your friends and pretty girls. Funny sayings that will make your day a little better and your smile wider. Laughter is the cure for many problems.

Ironic jokes that you will love

• A wide smile is a way to show your enemies your teeth.

• Smart is someone who drinks water from a glass while an optimist and a pessimist argue about its fullness.

• A girl wants a lot from one guy. And the guy wants one from many girls.

• How to win a girl? Love and do everything for her. How to win a guy? Come naked with a beer.

• Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver.

• I didn't fall, I attacked the floor.

• Not getting to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian.

• Alcohol is power! Not a single cool story began with someone drinking milk.

• I would like to squirm in front of those whom I have not offended. I'll get to you yet.

• Textbooks in math, physics or chemistry will not help you solve life's problems.

• Do not drink while driving. You can pour the beer.

• I do not suffer from loneliness, but enjoy it.

• If you had to choose between beer and work. What kind of dark or light do you like?

What's pissed off about movies? What annoys people in films?
What's pissed off about movies? What annoys people in films?

• Fat? No. This is my airbag.

• I am not lazy, I am simply motivated not to do anything unnecessary.

• If I don't come back in five minutes, please wait.

• Who laughs well, who laughs last? The one who laughs last is dumb.

• Help the girl when she is in trouble. She will remember you again when she is in trouble.

• I like to be optimistic. This infuriates people and enemies especially.

• Sometimes you want to share with others the warmth … of your flamethrower.

• Don't be angry with feminists, scary and bearded women want to be happy too.

• 9 out of 10 voices in my head say I'm crazy. And the tenth denies everything.

• A good mood is like a balloon. One shot and everything is destroyed.

• At times, it seems that the grass is greener on the neighboring lawn. Maybe there's just more crap out there.

• I'm really sorry for all the messages last night. My phone was drunk.

• Stupidity knows no boundaries, but many people know.

• It may seem like I'm not doing anything, but I'm actively waiting for the problems to disappear.

• I broke up with a girl for religious reasons. The girl thought she was a goddess.

• If love is blind, then marriage is glasses.

• My relationship is like an iPhone. I don't have an iPhone.

How to remove the evil eye and damage?
How to remove the evil eye and damage?

• The ideal person does not swear, smoke, get angry, or drink. It also doesn't exist.

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