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Health Benefits of Beer Why drink some beer?
Health Benefits of Beer Why drink some beer?

Too often we are told about the dangers of alcohol and beer that we know them by heart. But few people mention the beneficial properties of such a drink as beer. It's time to stand up for beer, which has given us a lot of happiness and joy in life. Do not listen to doctors, wife and nerds. Why drink some beer? Beer is healthier than most people think.

Health Benefits of Beer

1. Beer allows you to drink for a long time and not get drunk too much.

2. Beer lengthens life. Beer speeds up metabolic processes and promotes the rejuvenation of blood vessels.

3. Hops have bactericidal properties and have a good effect on the body.

4. Beer is cheaper than other alcoholic beverages and allows you to drink the whole evening without spending a lot of money even in a restaurant.

5. Beer protects against Alzheimer's disease.

6. Phenolic compounds in beer prevent blood clots, protecting against strokes and heart attacks.

7. Beer doubles male fertility.

8. Beer gives us two additional holidays: Oktoberfest and St. Patrick's Day.

9. A beer snack is not expensive if you only take a couple of toasts. All the same, you will look organic.

10. Beer contains a lot of vitamins B1 and B2 in a form that is well absorbed by the body.

11. Beer has ascorbic acid, and a liter of beer provides 70% of the daily value of vitamin C.

12. Beer prevents kidney stones by dissolving them.

13. Beer is high in potassium and low in magnesium, which is similar to orange juice.

14. Beer helps to maintain bone density and elasticity of joints due to the presence of silicon in it.

15. Beer contains enzymes that help fight cancer.

16. Beer does not cause atrial fibrillation and fast heartbeat like other alcohol.

17. Carbon dioxide has a beneficial effect on gastric secretion.

18. Beer has a beneficial effect on the cornea of the eyes.

19. People who sing beer are less aggressive and more friendly than those who consume strong alcohol.

20. Beer gives impetus to creative thinking if a person drank a little.

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Drink beer!

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