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How to wake up and start living for real?
How to wake up and start living for real?

Today you are at the point that you deserve with your previous actions and thoughts. If you wait for the perfect moment, the best time, and the best situation, you might find yourself old, wasting your whole life. How to wake up and start living?

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to end. Life is learning to dance in the rain. " Vivian Green

Changes are always for the better, and they begin when you yourself decide to wake up from the lethargic sleep of laziness and pessimism. It's time to get out of a lazy slumber and start living for real. Great dreams await you.

How to wake up and take action?

• The only way to get something is to go and get it. Nobody will bring you your dream as a gift on a saucer with a blue border.

• Dreams of comfort, tranquility and convenience bury all your dreams. People are more often stopped by the love of their comfort zone, rather than the real difficulties and obstacles.

• Even if you do the right things that you should, it does not mean that the chosen path is correct. A lame man walking in the right direction will overtake a rider who gallops down the wrong path.

• Winners do not ask permission to beat competitors and win. Behind every victory lies the struggle for the best places.

• Every day we make small choices that have a profound effect on later life. Today's decisions affect our future. What are you doing today for your tomorrow?

• Do you want to have what you never had? So you have to do what you never did. You can move from a dead center only when you decisively go forward.

Freedom and happiness of man
Freedom and happiness of man
How to wake up and start living for real?
How to wake up and start living for real?

• Paying attention to the opinions and gossips of others is pointless. Don't let other people's opinions cut your wings and limit your options.

• Nobody will give answers how you need to live and where to go. This is your path, and the answers must be found on your own.

• Life changes and yesterday's dreams become stupidity. It's okay to change your bearings, give up silly dreams, and start building new goals.

• You cannot avoid falls, defeat and difficulties. This is part of the companion's path, which meets fields, forests, ravines, deserts and mountains. Failure is only a temporary delay on the way to a dream.

• Most people are worried about various trifles. Focus on what brings joy and don't pay attention to minor troubles.

• Flexibility is the key to continuous movement towards your dream. Everything is static non-competitive. Be smarter, wiser, smarter and more far-sighted.

Are you still sleeping?

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