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The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?
The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?

Thousands of cups of coffee, thousands of nights, thousands of words and thousands of kisses, you were much happier ago. Before, you believed more in miracles, your heart beat faster, the future seemed bright, you laughed more carelessly and loved more desperately. The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?

Writer Dmitry Yemets, in one of his books, well noted about sadness: “You have matured. And he grew wiser. And he became sad. An ordinary staircase of three steps. " Why is it that with age we are less happy and more often sad? How to become happy again, as if in youth?

Why are we sad?

The inevitable passage of time takes us with it. Unbeknownst to ourselves, we celebrate round dates and are horrified at how quickly we became adults and began to age a little. The first wrinkles appear, problems with being overweight, hair thinning, and health becomes less strong. But all this is not so terrifying as the gradual universal sadness, which embraces everything more tightly.

Many experiences that overtook us on the path of life were imprinted in our hearts. This is a broken heart that has suffered a lot from unsuccessful relationships that were once happy. This is a back stabbed with knives, from unexpected betrayal of friends, acquaintances and those whom we carelessly trusted. These are tired legs that all the time were running rapidly somewhere. This is a tired soul who is lost from throwing and trying to achieve his dreams.

What is growing up
What is growing up
Why are we sad?
Why are we sad?

How to stop being sad? How to be happy again?

The first step is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have become an adult bore and a homebody. Remember yourself when you were young, when you could not be kept at home under seven locks. There was always something interesting and funny going on, and you were in the forefront. How fearless, desperate, cool and brave you were. Those who do not know the word "no". How eagerly and brightly you lived.

1. Stop being a serious bore, and learn to smile more often and be optimistic again.

2. Meet more often with friends, relatives and people close in spirit.

3. Spend time and money on your own pleasures.

4. Forget all past mistakes and grievances. Open up to the new, and do not delve into memories.

5. Do not forget about your hobbies, hobbies and creative pursuits.

6. Educate yourself and learn new things.

7. Collect sensations, not just material things.

8. Feel the taste of life again by doing what you have wanted to try for a long time.

9. Solitude makes us unhappy. Communicate with people more, rather than shut down.

10. Stop trying to behave "normally" and "right."

The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?
The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?

11. Get out of your comfort zone to achieve something bigger and better.

12. Do not be afraid to take risks, but be afraid to get stuck in an unloved swamp.

13. Give up patterns, prejudices, stereotypes and other nonsense.

14. Stop being scared, afraid to get a couple of scratches, bumps and scars.

How easy is it to be happy?
How easy is it to be happy?

15. Allow yourself to come off and rest the way you want.

16. Start dreaming again, setting goals and making plans. Dream and follow your dream.

17. Become more welcoming and open to communication with others.

18. Go on a trip, not spend money on a new iPhone or clothes.

19. Wake up the thirst for change. Change your life for the better.

20. Go in search of adventure, happiness, fun and love.

The older the sadder? No. Happiness does not depend on age, but on how pleased you are with yourself. Age is just a state of mind. Become your 20-year-old again, but with a better and better version. Become young, cheerful and happy.

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