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Tips to know when you are young
Tips to know when you are young

Why step on a rake of other people, if you can quickly reach the goal faster using someone else's life experience? Advice from lifelong people that they gave to younger people. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes. What do you need to know?

Everyone should get their own mistakes and bumps on the path of life? This is silly. Learn from other people's mistakes, broken lives and dreams. This way you are more likely to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. We asked the advice of people who have lived enough in this world.

Tips to know when you are young

1. Don't wait for a girl, work and happiness to find you. Take control of life yourself.

2. Go to the gym and get in shape while your whole life is ahead.

3. Find a job that pays well and gives you free time. This will help you follow your dreams.

4. If the girl is constantly angry, moody or displeased, just move on.

5. Most acquaintances, friends and relatives will disappear very quickly around the bend.

6. The best way to overcome life's fears is to try.

7. If you like a certain girl, just ask on a date. Maximum she will say "no".

8. Enemies and grievances themselves dissolve in the whirlpool of life. Don't waste time on them.

What is the sense of life? What do you exist for?
What is the sense of life? What do you exist for?

9. In life, everything should be given relatively easy, if something stubbornly does not work out, then it’s not yours.

10. School and university are not the only way to live a successful life.

11. Every five years you will consider the actions of the past to be stupid and naive.

12. Don't drink too much, or you'll miss out on the fun.

13. Don't put off relationships, love and sex for later.

Tips to know when you are young
Tips to know when you are young

14. Take care of your teeth, use body and face creams.

15. 99% of what you think is important and what you worry about does not really matter.

16. Follow the rules in life and laws, and do not try to swim against the tide. It makes life easier.

17. Don't try to be cool, but rather get knowledge and be yourself.

18. Take care of your body and nutrition in youth rather than trying to fight it afterwards.

19. Don't take yourself and life too seriously.

20. Don't waste money and save money. This advice will definitely come in handy.

21. Focus on your goals and dreams, not what others think.

22. Do not trust all people, especially beautiful speeches. Keep your mouth shut.

23. Try to earn more, and not just constantly save.

24. Listen to your parents' advice.

25. Stop competing with other people, even if you do it unconsciously.

26. Live every moment of your life 100%.

Ageism in society
Ageism in society

27. If you want to find a half, then go for it. Don't wait on the sidelines to be noticed.

28. Be objective in assessing your life, and do not hide behind pink glasses.

29. Further training, experience and knowledge pay off later.

30. You should always think before you want to do something.

31. When you need to take risks, so that later you do not regret that you missed a good opportunity.

Tips to know when you are young
Tips to know when you are young

32. Problems, troubles and difficulties do not mean that life is over.

33. Pay attention to who you are communicating with and spending time with.

34.99% of people don't care about you, so don't flatter yourself.

35. I regret that I quit running. At 40, I had to deal with shortness of breath and fat again.

36. Problems need to be solved, not run away from them.

37. Learn to say no to people and things that you don't want.

38. Don't try to smash walls with your forehead. Be flexible and follow the path of least resistance.

39. Stay away from debt, loans, alcohol and drugs.

40. Don't put off your life for tomorrow and better times. Live right now.

Smart people learn from other people's mistakes …

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