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Non-drinkers' witty answers to the question: why don't you drink
Non-drinkers' witty answers to the question: why don't you drink

When you don’t drink or don’t want to drink, then all in spite of trying to get you drunk. They ask about respect, offer to decode and complain that they have become uninteresting. What to answer when you are not drinking? Funny and witty replies to people to plump suggestions.

“I hate being drunk. You think that you will be cool and fun, but in fact you are sad and bad. " Kelly Torres

The fashion for alcohol is still strong, especially among certain segments of the population. It is believed that drinking is cool and fun, although this is not the case for a long time. How to answer the question: "Why don't you drink?" How to behave and what to answer to lovers of a green snake? How to avoid stupid questions and suggestions?

In such a case, it is important to show wit rather than wipe the nose of the booze fans. After original answers, they lose their persistent desire to get you drunk. Although the best option is always to be friends with those who have diametrically opposed interests. Who knows how to have fun without getting drunk.

Funny answers from non-drinkers to the question: why don't you drink

  • I fulfilled my life quota 10 years ago.
  • Alcohol does not amuse me, but makes me sad.
  • They don't have enough drinks at the bar if I start drinking.
  • I am an adult and I do what I want.
  • If I start drinking now, then you will not see me for the next couple of weeks.
  • I don't need additional stimulants to enjoy and have fun.
  • Drunkenness weakens the strength of the Soviet Union, comrade.
  • I don't drink because everyone else is drinking.
  • My mother forbade me.
  • Driving today.
  • Why don't you smoke or do drugs?
  • My father is an alcoholic and I don't want to be like him.
  • I prefer to keep my mind in control and clear.
  • I am allergic to alcohol. Every time I drink, handcuffs appear on my hands.
  • I don't like the taste of alcohol.
  • I prefer to spend money on other things.
  • I'm old enough not to drink or poison myself with all kinds of shit.
  • I drank all the alcohol in my youth, so I decided to stop.
  • I don't like headaches in the morning.
  • Religion does not allow. I am Muslim.
  • I have already had a liver transplant once.
  • I go in for sports, but this is incompatible.
  • Alcohol has a lot of calories and I'm not interested in that.
  • I take medications and I can't.
  • I don't drink because I once enjoyed drinking a lot.
  • It's not the first year I've had a dry law.
  • Why don't I drink? Why are you drinking?
  • I still need my brains to poison them with poison.
  • Because I'm Russian.
  • Alcohol is bad for health, brain and potency.
  • Why don't I drink? I want to be at your funeral.
  • I can have fun without being drunk.
  • Because I'm not a drunk.
  • If I’m drunk, I’ll go to fight or have sex. Do you want that?
  • Alcohol is a weapon of genocide and leads to the birth of morons.
  • My friend died like that.
  • Thanks, but a beer belly and an alcoholic face are not for me.
  • I do not drink for the reason that I want to set the right example for children and others.
  • I'm pregnant.
  • I don't see the point in drinking and alcohol.
  • I do not drink for the reason that I see it does to people.
  • My vodka in the store ran out, only yours remained.
  • The one who drinks wine and beer is an accomplice of Tel Aviv.
  • S said no, and you propose. So you don't respect me?
  • I am a patriot and do not drink.
  • Long ago I drank everything I needed.
  • Am I a fool?
  • What for?
  • I do not want.
How to drink less in the company?
How to drink less in the company?

Alcohol doesn't taste so good when you bend over the toilet, have a headache in the morning, or do things you feel ashamed of later. Stop drinking. And we have already come up with witty answers and excuses for you.

Semyon Slepakov has a good song "You Can't Drink", which tells about a man everyone is trying to get drunk. Funny. Turn it on to people who stubbornly offer you to drink.

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