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Interesting facts about alcohol that you did not know
Interesting facts about alcohol that you did not know

The topic of alcohol is so broad that it is impossible to know everything about it. Curious and interesting facts about alcohol that will help you show off your knowledge at the next booze.

"Alcohol - because no great story begins with someone drinking a glass of milk."

Alcohol does not always taste good, but that is not why it is drunk. What do you know about alcohol that you consume quite regularly? Some interesting facts about alcohol that will broaden your horizons in life.

Interesting facts about alcohol

When did alcohol appear? Approximately VIII thousand years BC NS. along with the emergence of ceramic ware. Then it became possible to make alcohol from honey or grapes.

The word "alcohol" comes from the Arabic word "al-kuħl". This was the name given to powdered antimony for tinting. In the 18th and 19th centuries, alcohol was the name given to chemical compounds based on ethanol. This is how the name of alcohol appeared in the modern sense.

What is the rate of intoxication? It all depends on the person, but the rate of penetration of alcohol into the brain is 6 minutes. After this time, alcohol gets to the human brain and begins to affect it.

The most popular alcoholic beverage in the world is whiskey. In the second place in the world, and in Russia in the first place, is vodka. Then comes cognac, liqueurs, rum, tequila. In addition to strong drinks, a low-alcohol drink beer is confidently held.

How to go to bars?
How to go to bars?

Scientist Nikola Tesla drank whiskey every day. He believed that quality alcohol would allow him to live up to 150 years. Alcohol supported the scientist in difficult moments. Tesla drank whiskey before the introduction of Prohibition, and then gave up. Later, he consumed exclusively water or milk.

According to research, about 30% of the world's alcohol is moonshine. Moonshine is a pretty dangerous hobby if you don't follow the precautions. In many countries, making moonshine is a tradition.

The ancient Persians made decisions exclusively drunk. This made it possible to expand the consciousness and fantasy of actions. A drunken man is capable of such deeds and plans, which he would never have conceived if he had not taken it on his chest. But the final decision was made the next day, when they were sober and could consider it with a fresh mind.

Many ancient Greek pharaohs were in poor health and overweight. This was due to the love of fatty foods, sweets and alcohol. The pharaohs drank beer and wine. About 5000 years ago, in Egypt, wine was made with medicinal additives.

During Prohibition, the US government ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohol so that it would not be resold as alcohol. During this program, at least 10,000 Americans died from poisoning.

Alcohol encourages dangerous adventures. About 70% of domestic crimes are committed on the basis of alcohol. Alcohol is the leading cause of severe road accidents. About 6% of all deaths in the world are associated with alcohol.

How to remove a hangover?
How to remove a hangover?

Pre-revolutionary Russia was one of the most sober countries in the world. Until the end of the XIV century, they drank mainly mead, mash, beer. In the 15th century, vodka appeared in Russia, but they began to drink a lot only after the 1960s.

How to sober up faster? Alcohol is excreted by the liver, and very small amounts are excreted through the skin and breath and urine. It helps to sober up faster by drinking fluids, taking a warm shower or taking pills. But the most effective way to sober up is to go to bed and wait.

What curious facts about alcohol do you know?

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