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55 things that get in the way of a happy life
55 things that get in the way of a happy life

Why can't you be happy despite trying hard? There are too many things in life that only get in the way. Things that prevent you from living happily.

“Do you want to change your life !? So go ahead, instead of looking for excuses, locking yourself in and pretending to be happy … "Dr. Gregory House

Do you want to be happy? This is a rhetorical question. Do you really want to.

What prevents you from finding happiness?

1. Don't try to please others

2. You don't have to compete in likes on social networks

3. Stop expecting a miracle. If you want something, then go and get it

4. Do not live in the past and in the future, but focus on the present

5. Stop trying to control everything.

6. Don't confuse full-time employment with productive and efficient work.

7. Don't let others take advantage of you

8. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This is an even bigger mistake

55 things that get in the way of a happy life
55 things that get in the way of a happy life

9. Never think that there will ever be a perfect moment for action.

10. Don't blame yourself for past mistakes more than once.

11. Don't hang out with toxic people

12. Give up limiting beliefs

13. Do not believe that you are special and unique, worthy of more

14. Stop blaming others for your failures.

15. Don't compare yourself to other people.

16. Don't be ashamed of your desires and dreams

How to start a new life and change yourself?
How to start a new life and change yourself?

17. Stop whining and complaining

18. Don't try to buy a relationship with gifts or constant concessions.

19. Don't be lazy. Laziness will not achieve what you want.

20. Do not cling to the past, do not wait for a new Monday or new year

21. Do not do what you dislike or foreign

22. Don't be afraid to take risks. Be afraid not to try

23. Do not be offended. On inflated water they carry

24. Don't stay up late, get enough sleep

25. Work smarter, not 24 hours a day

26. You cling too much to the familiar and are afraid of everything new

27. Stop Chasing Purely Fun

28. Don't go shopping for 1000 items

29. Don't chase unattainable goals

30. Let go of your fears and control them

31. You're a perfectionist

32. Do not live by the desires of other people

33. Don’t put too much emphasis on money.

34. Throw out negative thoughts and depression

35. You suffer from procrastination, always putting it off for later

36. You do not consider yourself worthy of happiness

37. Stop drinking, smoking and living a negative lifestyle

38. Don't try to be ideal

39. Do not try to immerse yourself in debauchery and lust

40. Stop enduring and marking time

55 things that get in the way of a happy life
55 things that get in the way of a happy life

41. Do not think in patterns, but break them

42. You become unnecessarily immersed in boredom and routine

43. You do not find time for the right and necessary things

33 tips from you from the future
33 tips from you from the future

44. Do not stay on the phone and social networks all the time

45. You have no friends and family

46. You forget or are lazy to play sports

47. Waiting for evaluation from others

48. You are not learning, but frozen in development

49. You are impatient and do not know how to survive

50. You are not healthy and do not care about your well-being

51. Waste time on nonsense

52. You neglect communication with loved ones

53. Don't expect the world to play by your rules

54. You have no purpose in life

55. Do not resist changes, but catch their wave

And are you happy? What prevents you from becoming one?

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