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It's boring to live. What to do?
It's boring to live. What to do?

Has it become boring to live that you don't want anything at all? Is everything tired, boring and depression rolls over? How to make life more interesting, colorful and exciting? How to add novelty, adventure and happiness to it?

Life is like the movie Groundhog Day, when is a new day like all the previous ones? Why suffer and waste time boredom? Why sink into depression and apathy? Fuck it all. Time to get enthusiasm, drive and adrenaline. It's time to bring a new stream into life, stir yourself up and the world around you.

“You can be sad. Or angry. Or crushed. Or insane. And every time you can find an excuse for yourself. But you can't be boring. Because there is no excuse for those who are boring. " Viggo Mortensen

When does it get boring to live?

Each age has its own characteristics and reasons for such a dull state.

  • Youth up to 20-25 years old. During the formation of character and personality, it is very difficult for young people. How to find yourself, your path and your desires? Adult life seems boring and there are many decisions to make. Contradictions with parents, rebellion, rejection of life and indifference. Added to this is the lack of clear goals and the magnitude of ambition.
  • The average age is 25 to 35 years old. At this age, we are often not satisfied with our life. It is not always possible to achieve your goals and realize yourself. Society demands to have a family, have children, find a prestigious job, earn a lot, buy an apartment and a car. Self-esteem drops to zero, and with it hands down. It gets boring and apathy appears.
  • Average age after 40-50 years. Everyone is familiar with the expression midlife crisis. The world is undergoing changes that you cannot keep up with. You feel old, young professionals are ahead of you in their careers and you don't see anything bright in the future. In times of crisis, you understand that you have not achieved much. I did not succeed in fully realizing myself, and my dreams remained unconquered. The feeling of uselessness and emptiness fetters. Become spit on everything and it is extremely boring that you finally give up.
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Party Ideas: 155 Party Styles & Ideas
Routine work, stability in relationships and a monotonous life? When there is work, I have found myself a second half and everything runs like a knurled one, then the desired goals disappear. Everything that I wanted has already been achieved. New goals have not been found yet, or are too complex. As a result, a lot of time, effort and energy, but they have nowhere to go. What if you're bored because of stability? It is required to find new goals, hobbies, hobbies and dreams.
  • Dissatisfaction with life and boredom. Often, boredom appears at the moment when you are extremely dissatisfied with life and the situation in which you are. You don’t like work, unhappy in your relationship, or don’t have a second half. You are unhappy with your fitness or other factors. What to do? Change your life in the direction that attracts you. Follow the goals that you secretly dream about. You need to decide for more.
  • What if life is boring?

    “They say death kills a person, but death does not kill. Boredom and indifference kill. " Iggy Pop

    1. Change the style

    If you want to change something, then start with the appearance. Maybe it's time to change your clothes and hairstyle? Look a little different than it was before? New and beautiful clothes change not only the image, but also the perception. You will be accepted differently, and you yourself will become much more confident.

    Wasting youth
    Wasting youth
    Try to solve relationship problems if there is an opportunity to fix them. Improve rapport or love life in bed.
  • Drop it and find new ones. Are your relationships with the other half exhausted and have no prospects? Do you constantly quarrel, do not find a common language and are unhappy? Why drag on a dead relationship that was long overdue to start? Cut this Gordian knot. Find yourself another other half with whom you will be really happy.
  • Find love. If you don't have a second half, then find it. Time to love and be happy. Make an effort not to be alone. Playful and cheerful girlfriend will relieve you of boredom 100%.
  • What happens if you stop using social networks? Life will get better
    What happens if you stop using social networks? Life will get better
    It's boring to live. What to do?
    It's boring to live. What to do?

    5. Change the environment

    Friends move away, and with them it became completely uninteresting and boring? We often grow out of other people and their communities. Different dreams, desires, goals and interests. You have diametrically opposite paths, how hard it is to realize.

    This happens to all of us. Do not hold on to those with whom you have not been on the way for a long time. You need to move on, get to know other people, find like-minded people and look for new friends. The right environment will bring a fresh stream, impressions and relieve boredom.

    6. Be yourself

    "Normal people? These are the ones that all the evenings spend in front of the TV, on weekends they get drunk and go to work on Monday with a headache? " Konstantin Kostin

    Do not play the roles that other people and society impose on you. It's boring and morally depressing. Pay less attention to criticism, condemnation and other people's rules. It is difficult to be happy if you dance to someone else's tune all the time, imitate, follow someone else's goals and be someone else. Don't lose your personality trying to be normal and correct. Be yourself.

    It's boring to live. What to do?
    It's boring to live. What to do?

    7. Don't compare

    Often we compare ourselves to other people and we feel sad. Our life seems boring and drab in comparison to others. Stop this comparison and senseless race. There are always richer and more beautiful people, but what is behind it all? Each person has his own destiny and his own path. Constant comparison is a road to nowhere. Compete with yourself.

    What you can do in your free time
    What you can do in your free time

    8. Go in for sports

    Sport is always an excellent answer to any challenge. Go to the gym, go jogging, swim in the pool, exercise. Play sports to fight boredom, add energy, and start a new life.

    9. Get rid of depression

    Negativity, depression and problems bring us frustration with life. It consumes us if we continue to miss or feel sorry for ourselves. Gradually, the pool of depression will drown stronger and stronger. Get rid of the sadness. The very last thing is to bathe with self-torture and pity. If you cannot change something, then change your attitude.

    10. Add color to life

    Monotonous days and routine kill life in us. Work, home and nothing interesting. We get bored when almost nothing happens in life. If routine crushes, then bring a new stream into life. Find any activity, hobby or hobby. Let a bright event appear that will make life less predictable.

    It's boring to live. What to do?
    It's boring to live. What to do?

    What to do and what to do if bored?

    “People are interesting creatures. In a world full of wonders, they managed to invent boredom. " Terry Pratchett

    Realize that happiness is not in jobs, money, and cars. An interesting and exciting life lies elsewhere. Don't leave yourself time for laziness to get rid of boredom, stagnation, and routine. Take your free time with interesting and cool things. Shake yourself.

    • Don't let things take their course, but go against the flow
    • Learn a foreign language
    • Go in for sports, make yourself a cool and pumped up body
    • Read books
    • Educate yourself and learn something new
    • Listen to cool music
    • Get out into nature and walk more often
    • Don't go with the flow. Create new opportunities and try them
    • Sign up for a club for running, martial arts, dancing or other interests
    • Do something with your hands
    • Play games
    • Find new friends and new company
    • Change your usual way of life
    • Go Cooking and Eat Delicious
    • Find a new job or a new field of activity
    • Agree to interesting offers more often, rather than refuse
    • Give yourself time to rest and sleep
    • Visit new places you haven't been
    • Find a new way to express yourself
    • Improve your appearance and increase your attractiveness
    • Lead an active lifestyle
    • Find yourself a new hobby: photography, drawing, music
    • Write books, articles or video blog on YouTube
    • Go to concerts, performances, exhibitions and festivals more often
    • Do good deeds and the right things
    • Find your favorite business that burns you the most
    • Hang out, have fun, hang out with your friends and release the tension
    • Seize interesting chances and risk consciously
    • Set new ambitious goals
    • Travel and explore the world
    • Follow your dreams
    How to make life colorful? 50 ideas for an interesting and fulfilling life
    How to make life colorful? 50 ideas for an interesting and fulfilling life
    It's boring to live. What to do?
    It's boring to live. What to do?

    Life should be a little unpredictable, bright and crazy, otherwise life will become boring and uninteresting.

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