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For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

Life is always unpredictable and exciting. She is very different from what we imagined about her in childhood. Life throws out such pretzels that we say dumbfounded: "Life did not prepare me for this." We asked people to share what surprised and saddened them in adulthood. After reading, you will be more ready for adulthood.

People have listed their main grievances in adulthood, and we have compiled a list. When you yourself face this, you will understand that you are not the first and not the last. Life gives us gifts less often than it surprises and saddens. Often life hits us with all the foolishness in the gut, when we relax too much, or lose our guard. What should you know about adulthood? Where should the straw be placed? What will you face as you grow up?

For this life did not prepare me

1. Lack of time for yourself personally, but only one job, routine and everyday life.

2. The feeling that all life and all its holidays are passing you by.

3. The authorities, politicians and officials completely do not care about you. Help is nowhere to be found.

4. Problems with work that is not pleasant, low paying or unpromising.

5. Breakups and separations that completely break the heart. Every now and again.

The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?
The older the sadder? How to become happy and young again?

6. It is difficult to lose weight and get in shape. This is an eternal struggle.

7. Understanding that the deepest and most important dreams may not be fulfilled.

For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

8. Feelings of loneliness and isolation, even if you are in a relationship.

9. Friends get married, get positions, buy apartments. And you lag behind everywhere.

10. You can be fired at any time, regardless of your merits.

11. The first wrinkles in the mirror. Aging of the body, which creeps in and is already felt.

12. Loss of personality, when you understand less and less who you are and where you are going.

13. The monotony of life, like the incessant day of a groundhog.

14. Friends quickly disappear, and new ones hardly appear.

15. Holidays are not as fun as they were in childhood.

16. How often do you need to clean the house to keep order. It's exhausting.

17. Chances and opportunities disappear, and you are less and less likely to get what you want.

For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

18. Social isolation and loneliness increase over the years.

19. Constant stress or rolling depression.

20. Health becomes not so strong and you start to get tired often.

21. Search for real goals instead of unrealizable and unrealistic ones. This tit in the hands is depressing.

22. You want to sleep all the time, but you rarely get enough sleep. Always tired.

23. Chagrin that I did not meet my soul mate much earlier.

24. Deception, lies, betrayal can be expected from anyone.

25. Pain for no reason and in different places. Diseases and doctors. The high cost of medicine.

Best the enemy of the good. How to be happy?
Best the enemy of the good. How to be happy?

26. The feeling that he lagged behind others, when everyone is doing much better.

For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

27. Syndrome of the impostor, when you have been a professional for a long time, but are afraid that they will figure you out.

28. Hair does not appear where you want it. But they disappear where you don't want it.

29. Aging parents and loss of loved ones. The inevitability of all this.

30. Understanding how expensive life is, and everything requires costs.

31. In life, it turns out that you do not like most of the people around you.

32. Constant troubles that happen through no fault of yours.

33. Decreased sex drive, which is frightening.

34. The pressure will be not only at school, but also at work and life.

35. Understanding that some of your friends and relatives are not very good people.

36. Inability to leave a hated job and quit everything for the reason that it is not bound by obligations.

37. The difficulty of finding friends or a soul mate increases with age.

For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

38. You are bypassed in life when people younger than you occupy positions higher and more successful.

39. Others do not care about your problems, but they like to criticize or speak behind your back.

40. Bad habits make themselves felt, which affects the state of health.

41. Lack of breakthrough in life, like a squirrel in a wheel, when there is no way out and movement forward.

42. The older you get, the more you become overgrown with responsibilities that bind your hands like chains.

Search for yourself all your life
Search for yourself all your life

43. The injustice of life, which does not exist at all. There is no truth, there is only strength, power, money and deception.

44. You are fully responsible for your life, even if the troubles are not due to you.

45. Expectation of success that never comes. Never. It's hard to come to terms with this.

46. There is always not enough money, and this is an eternal struggle for survival. Inflation takes money away from everyday things.

47. You have to communicate with some people, despite their stupidity, incompetence and other negative traits.

48. Sadness and the realization that life is gradually ending. You are getting older and no longer young.

49. There is no sense in life, no matter how hard you try to find it.

50. In childhood, life seems more interesting than it turns out in reality.

51. You are less happy than in childhood.

For this life did not prepare me
For this life did not prepare me

With age, you perceive reality more calmly. You will say less and less: "Life did not prepare me for this." For one beaten, two unbeaten give. Everything comes with age and experience.

Life is about finding yourself in it. Do you want to change your life for the better? Act instead of making excuses or pretending to be happy. Every day you create your own choice. Go for a run, do something important, grab a chance, create an opportunity, try something new.

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Take advantage of your life 100%. Don't waste your golden hours and days on nonsense. Don't try to fix what is incorrigible. Do not listen to boring people, ignoramuses, nonentities and pessimists. Avoid false ideas and unhealthy tendencies. Don't miss anything, but look for new impressions and sensations. Fear nothing and be happy.

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