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Stylish Men Rules
Stylish Men Rules

We are so used to meeting people by their clothes that they are seen off by their appearance. Success in life, including personal, often depends on how you looked at the moment. Make the most of your appearance.

“If you want to be successful, you have to look like you have it” Thomas More

There are very few ideally beautiful people in the world, but this is not so important. If you squeeze the maximum out of your appearance, you will be liked by others.

Stylish Men Rules

1. Buy good things

The pursuit of savings usually turns into the purchase of unnecessary or low-quality items. Stop blindly following discounts and impulsively buying what you didn't want before. There is no point in clothes that don't suit you, even if they are 90% off.

2. Comfort and confidence in your clothes

It could be a suit, a jumper, or ripped jeans. Feel confident in the clothes you wear. Feel it, get used to it. Confidence completely transforms a man's appearance, and tightness destroys a positive impression, despite an expensive suit.

3. The smell of a man

Usually men neglect this factor, but in vain. One of the selection criteria for men, for women, is the smell. Shower daily and stay hygienic. Good eau de toilette will come in handy.

4. Feasibility of the image

Jewelry for men
Jewelry for men

How well do you look in this place? Is your look up-to-date in this club, beach or business meeting? Choose a wardrobe for a specific occasion and don't be afraid to look a little better than others.

5. Take care of your wardrobe

Care is required not only for shoes, but also for other clothes. Proper storage, care and cleaning of your clothes will keep them and look their best at all times.

6. Style versus functionality

Functionality and comfort should not be sacrificed for style.

7. Remember your measurements

The most common mistake in men's style is a wardrobe one size larger. Stop buying things to grow. You have grown up a long time ago, and it's already a shame to wear big baggy things, as if from your father's shoulder.

8. Be neat but slightly careless

"You can get used to an ugly appearance, but never to negligence." - said Coco Chanel. Try to keep your image closer to neatness than sloppiness. But light and negligent in the wardrobe is welcome.

Make the most of your appearance.

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