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How to become handsome in the eyes of girls
How to become handsome in the eyes of girls

How to be handsome and seduce with your attractiveness? A few secrets that will make any man much more beautiful in the eyes of a girl. Women perceive masculine beauty and appearance in a completely different way.

What makes a man attractive to a woman? Scientists conducted a study and identified several atypical factors that make a man attractive, regardless of his appearance, given at birth.

How to become handsome in the eyes of girls

1. The deep voice of a handsome man

Women love with their ears, which means that his voice makes a handsome man. Does the man have a squeaky and quiet voice? It's not sexy at all. A deep, rough and brutal voice makes a man much more attractive. This voice is a demonstration of high testosterone levels.

Do you want a deep, rough and brutal male voice? Become a football fan for a while and shout with them at the stadiums for six months. Vocal schools recommend a different method. Sing any vowel (a, o, e, y, u, i) loudly with a gradual lowering of your voice as much as you can. Sing the songs of the singers with low and rough voices. So gradually your voice will become deeper, velvety, brutal and sexy. All women will be yours as soon as you open your mouth!

2. Brand clothes of a handsome man

Do you want to be an attractive handsome man? Men do not attach importance to brands of clothes on a woman, but the fair sex sees everything quite differently. A high-quality and well-known brand of clothing makes a man more attractive.

How can a man become handsome?
How can a man become handsome?

Instead of incomprehensible clothes from the market, you can choose inexpensive and high-quality clothes from famous brands: Ermenegildo Zegna, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Colin’s, Reserved, H&M, Zara, PULL & BEAR. Each brand has a price tag, but it's better to have a few quality items than a bunch of cheap clothes. The watch complements the image of a handsome and respectable man.


3. Scars, tattoos and handsome beard

According to most women, men with scars are more masculine, brave and attractive than others. Tattoos also add a percentage of masculinity. A beard gives a man animal brutality. Is this why stubble and beards are so popular?

Do you want to be handsome? Have scars, tattoos and beard.

4. Handsome machine

It's not just about financial solvency, it's more about psychology. Women find a man more attractive when he is driving a road or a sports car.

Sometimes buying a car is easier and cheaper than trying to seduce girls without a car. A cool car is like having a big dick. Cool and impossible to argue with.

5. Handsome posture

Why do girls love the military? It's not just about form, but also about posture. Men with good posture are immediately attracted to the female sex, because most people slouch.

Straighten up and immediately become more attractive. The simplest exercise for good posture is to stand against a wall from time to time with your shoulders straight. You can do the "fish" exercise. You need to lie on your stomach, arms along, legs together, socks extended. As you exhale, slowly raise your head and shoulders as high as possible, using your back muscles. On inhalation, go down. So repeat 10-30 times. Beautiful posture is a must-have attribute of a handsome man.

How to be sexier? 8 qualities of sexuality in men and women
How to be sexier? 8 qualities of sexuality in men and women

6. Muscle handsome

Men with an athletic figure are more attractive than their frail, skinny or fat counterparts. A strong man can protect. A sporty man is better at sex.

Sign up to the gyms this week and start pumping yourself up. A man with an athletic figure never sleeps alone. Do you know how many beautiful and athletic girls in gyms are shaking their tight asses right now?

7. Handsome confidence

A man who is confident in himself and his strengths is always attractive. The man is in control of the situation, does not twitch, does not fuss, but is calm.

Look at cool movie characters and try to imitate them. This will add another 100% brutality, masculinity and sexuality to a man.

How to become handsome in the eyes of any girl? Complete these 7 points. And then evaluate the quantity and quality of the girls around you. You don't have to say thank you, bro.

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